I worked with a client who had serious sexual trauma. She held her feelings inside all the time. Working the bladder meridian made this client realize that the horse was holding onto his feelings too. As the horse responded to her she began crying as she realized she needed to let her own feelings go. Seeing the horse go through this process helped her realize what she needed to do for herself.

AnonymousMasterson Method Certified Equine Specialist

I have shared the Bladder Meridian Technique with a number of clients, many of whom experience anxiety and post-traumatic stress.  These clients have reported experiencing a variety of benefits from the work, including improved energy and focus, mindfulness and emotional regulation, and gratitude for the ability to share something that the horse demonstrates to be of benefit to him.

Katie FallonPATH Int’l Certified Advanced Level Therapeutic Riding Instructor, Masterson Method Equine Specialist Fieldwork Student