This class [MMES] is an incredible way to build connection and trust with your horse and an amazing way to share it with others.


Just do it. 🙂


This course [MMES] was beyond my expectations. I learned so much from the teacher and every person in attendance. My work with horses and people will be new, informed by this experience.


It [MMES] has helped me really connect helping horses & helping people on a deeper, more meaningful level than I thought possible.


To be truthful I have attended many workshops in different modalities and there is not one thing I would change in your presentation. This program [MMES] is outstanding.


Softening my hands was challenging. I’ve been going around with fists all the time and didn’t even know it.

AnonymousEAAT Participant

Smokey seemed to have a smile on his face as he licked & chewed. As he was relaxing, I felt myself relaxing and enjoying the feedback from him. This was a true give & take experience. By my feeling his willingness & calmness, I became calm. I was able to give him a ‘softer hand’ delivery (w/o tension in my body.) I believe my demeanor w/this treatment was at a higher ‘tuned’ frequency.

Lois KrahlMasterson Method Equine Specialist

I think when you give, you get something back, as long as the intent is pure. I think about some of the kiddos I’ve mentored or worked with, and the idea that they would be important enough to make a difference in a horse’s life has dramatic effects on them for a variety of reasons. That they have something to offer. The horse helps them believe in themselves.

VanessaPATH Int’l Certified Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning

The MMES training was wonderful! I went back to [the barn] yesterday and had three horses, and the training I received this weekend really helped me connect more [with the horse] and go even softer during my sessions. I just loved the training. What an awesome program MMES really is!

Alice LongMasterson Method Certified Practitioner

The Masterson Method is the first [program] I have found that is for the horse; it is so very real and truly teachable to people. The Equine Specialist piece has been a tangible tool nobody can dispute that is effective for the client while not compromising the integrity of the horse.

Linda AllenMasterson Method Certified Equine Specialist and PATH Int’l Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor