The simplest, fastest, and gentlest method I’ve found to help a horse feel better, be more relaxed, free in movement

Lynda RichardsonWeekend Seminar

It has helped me understand the horses so much more and the health benefits that the horse can gain from this is truly amazing.

Kristi DoyleWeekend Seminar

I gained valuable experience in reading, observing, and communicating with horses and watching them for signs of communicating with me.

Rose McMillanWeekend Seminar

If you ride, lease or own a horse, learning to help your horse feel using the Masterson Method will be the best education for you and your horse’s relationship.

Tammi CliffordWeekend Seminar

A great opportunity to learn about horses and yourself. It’s amazing how soft you can be to get results.

April VollingWeekend Seminar