The (physical) changes in the horses is quite amazing when working with this method! Watching a horse relax and release is exciting! So happy I found another way to connect with my horses!

Nicola Cocorocchino

Very clear and easy to follow, have been using this method on my two horses and can see the releases and visible improvement. Both horses seem to really enjoy it. One of my horses, who is in rehab for a long term lameness, was very stiff and braced to start with so was quite resistant on the first attempt, but he now loves it and is much freer and softer in his muscles and moving better. Am recommending to all my friends. It is
also a lovely way to build up your bond with your horses, spending slow quiet time with them with this very very gentle and effective technique.

Sarah Orr

Several weeks ago, when bringing the mares up for the night, it appeared there’d been some sort of fright fest while we were gone for the day as all were visibly shaken and two were injured. The eldest, an arthritic 23-year-old retired cutting horse / broodmare could barely walk and was toe down only on her right hind. She also couldn’t bend her neck to the right at all and had difficulty putting it down in an attempt to eat. While I was hesitant to do Masterson Method with her initially, after giving her IV Bute, she positioned herself closer to me and between me and the stall door, which is a regular habit of hers when she wants (to be) worked on.

So, I did as I was told! LOL! I didn’t expect for it to be a long session, as it generally never is with her but 3.5 hours later is when she was done. She had full range of motion back in her neck and was bearing a fair amount of weight on the hind right when I left the barn. The next morning, I expected to find her in much the same condition as I’d left her but to my amazement, not only was she 100% sound, she had better range of motion than before she got hurt!

Thank you so much for pioneering such an extraordinary method and making it both available and affordable for literally anyone who wants to learn it.

Most importantly, my horses thank you! ~ Christa Krug Lanham

Christa Krug Lanham

One of the most interesting methods around. Greatly helped a young Clydesdale that we had. Recommend it to anyone that has a horse with soundness issues or is stiff on any part of their body.


Kate Hanson

The best equine bodywork modality that is easy to learn and that the horse can respond to and be a participant. A great way to build a better and more subtle bond with your horse.

Mary GilroyWeekend Seminar

Would recommend to anyone who would like to bond and build that relationship with their horse, and for recognizing how the horse communicates.

Jacqueline GarberWeekend Seminar

Eye opening, mindset changing, and an absolutely wonderful way to create a more relaxed, happier horse. Just seeing the changes first hand, I’m completely won over by the Masterson Method. I can’t wait to learn more!

CemilleWeekend Seminar

You will learn more about your horse or any horse than you can imagine.

Toby CaversWeekend Seminar

This method is a great way to help you and your horse over come some resistance in your work together. You help him release tension. He teaches you to slow down and that less is often more.

Jeanne StuckerWeekend Seminar

Opportunity to experience staying under the horses radar to effect releases of tension in a relaxed state. Not something I knew how to do before!

Val PfeifferWeekend Seminar