I’ve just attended a two-day training clinic which was organized with in-depth, hands-on work. Since returning I have worked with my horse and seen some impressive results. It works like magic .. but is founded on solid horsemanship knowledge. Love it.

Margaret Mitchell

Every person that I have met on my Masterson journey has expressed the same sentiment regarding how much this work has positively impacted not only their approach to working with horses, but has also contributed to a quieter/gentler approach to life itself.

Jennifer Sechrist

I have a bachelor’s degree, two master’s, a Ph.D. and was a Fulbright Scholar, and this past week was one of the BEST education experiences I have had since my “academic” work began in 1992. I have learned enough to recognize when I need to ask questions.

Beth Watzke

It has changed my life and every horse I’ve been in contact with! Relaxation and relationship… working WITH the horse and using skill with intuition. Amazing results all around!


Diane Brockett

Excellent Workshop! It was great to get a chance to ask questions in person and get a detailed answer. Also it was definitely helpful to get the correct method demonstration in person.

Ryan FisherWeekend Seminar

This has been a comprehensive, informative, and spiritual weekend. I will bring this new found attitude and these techniques home to my barn.

Fredericka WarrenWeekend Seminar

Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend in Nokomis! They were two of the best days ever. Marie, you were such a great instructor and I learned so much. My favorite part was getting to go on our own and work on the whole horse. I don’t know if you remember, but I was working on Gidget, and she put her chin on my shoulder, made herself comfortable and proceeded to do Head Up all by herself. At that moment tears came to my eyes because I realized what a difference we can make in a horse’s life and how good the Masterson Method techniques can make them feel. It was also at that moment that I knew that this is what I was meant to do (as I would have stayed there for hours and worked on every horse there) and I am going to try to complete the certification process as quickly as my schedule and my commitments allow!
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Patti HicksteinWeekend Seminar

Being able to have 2 days of hands on experience was great. Also, having multiple instructors to help was extremely helpful.

Peony WongWeekend Seminar

This seminar is worth it even if you have read the book and have been practicing on your horses, for the instructors and coaches experience and the experience you get on different horses.

Marie-Pierre GentileWeekend Seminar

I’ve learned so much this weekend. The book is very good but there’s no substitute for seeing it in real life.

Belinda WesleyWeekend Seminar