“We are still noticing changes in his behaviour, he is a lot calmer and not nearly as reactive to other dogs. He is now more inclined to watch (at a distance) as the other dogs walk past rather than barking and lunging at them.“

Sandra and Cooper

“The book shows how to do the technique.  The online instruction helps me see real life, and those things that do not go by the book for me to think outside the box.”

Pamela and Roku

“My biggest take away was how different dogs are from horses in this work.  My girls were unsure about the subtle work but are getting with it. Even off the body, they both are looking around (the feel it) but show what I call calming signals (looking away, moving) as they slip into the energy.”

Kathy, Maisie and Violet

“It is so easy to be in a rush day to day, not really noticing all the little subtle things. This course has helped me interpret Snacks on a deeper level, which is just incredible.”

Joanna and Snacks

“I think that doing an initial online course, rather than just reading through the book (even though the QR video clips are very helpful), is a good motivator to get started on working with dogs!  The group had a relaxed atmosphere. Having the instructor do the demonstration first and then our practice with instructor feedback worked very well.”

woman and dog near mountain.
Bridget and Bonnie

“Lola is now more connected with me and trusting of me.  She has more energy and a “spring” in her step now.  I’m amazed of the positive changes in four weeks!  I recommend the Read and Release course for dog owners, rescue facilities, foster homes, or anyone involved with dogs.”

cute small dog looking at the camera
Lori and Lola

“Loved learning The Masterson Method with Bella.  We deepened our connection and it really helped relieve her anxiety.”

woman and dog
Krissy and Bella

“I was finding it hard to bond and connect with my new dog, Scout.  The course has helped me build that relationship with him.”

woman and dog on trail
Charlie and Scout

“I wish I had filmed Pixie before I took the Masterson Method Canine Read and Release Online Training Class because Pixie’s movement before and after the class instruction is so amazing!  To see her move more freely now brings me much joy. What a special way to give back to a longtime canine friend!”

woman and dog
Kim and Pixie

“Mac and I entered the course a few weeks after surgery for a CCL and Meniscus tear.  What we walked away with was a confident and content dog with an ‘exceeding recovery expectations’ note from his doctors and full recovery.  We are fully mobile and able to resume guarding the farm. Thank you Masterson Method!”

woman and black dog
Grace and Mac