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Weekend Seminar Instructor Training

These videos are only available to Instructors

Module 1 Information
Unit 1 Information
Module 2 Introduction
Unit 1 Introduction
Module 3 Bladder Meridian
Unit 1 Bladder Meridian Technique
Module 4 Lateral Cervical Flexion
Unit 1 Lateral Cervical Flexion Technique
Module 5 Head Down and Head Up
Unit 1 Head-Down Head-Up Technique
Module 6 Neck-Shoulders-Withers Junction
Unit 1 Neck-Shoulder-Withers Junction
Module 7 Hind-End (Sacroiliac) Junction
Unit 1 Hind-End Junction
Module 8 The Horse's Back - Working Towards the Middle
Unit 1 The Horse's Back