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Block 2 – Mentor: Lori Hoppe

Photo of Lori Hoppe

Lori Hoppe

Block 2 Focus: You will build on your proficiency in the techniques, with main focus on being able to correctly identify anatomical structures on the horse. The focus will also be on refining your ability to get under the “brace” response and effectively deal with difficulty. You will also be gathering useful information from your initial evaluation of the horse, continued practice, refinement and proficiency in the techniques.

Students must incorporate mentor feedback from the first session of a case study in the second session (i.e., if your mentor has suggested improvements in a technique or asked why you didn’t do a specific technique in the first session, you need to show that you did the technique differently or used the technique in the second session). If you don’t incorporate your mentor’s suggestions in the follow-up session, the session will not be accepted as part of the case study and you will have to do it over.

After completing your 5 cases studies (2 sessions per horse), please work with Lori to find a Coach. After scheduling your Coaching Course, then register and pay for your Coaching Course online.

How to name your case studies
For tracking purposes, please save your case study and evaluation using the correct naming convention: DO NOT include spaces or special characters when naming your case studies and evaluations. Special characters are characters that are not letters or numbers, for example #, @, ( ), etc.

Please use this format when naming your case studies and evaluations:

Student’s last name (example: Williams)
Horse name (example: Roadie)
Case study # (example: 1)
Session # (example: 1)

First case study, part 1: “lastname-horsename1.1.doc” and “name-horsename1.1eval.pdf”
First case study, part 2: “lastname-horsename1.2.doc” and “name-horsename1.2eval.pdf”

Please try to save your case study in a word document. This makes it easier for Mentors to give feedback directly on your case study. Your evaluation can be uploaded as a pdf or jpg.

Contact Lori: | Phone: (587) 436-4828

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