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Masterson Method® Certified Equine Specialist Code of Conduct & Trademark Use Agreement

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MMES Code of Conduct

This Code serves as a standard of ethics and professionalism for Masterson Method Equine Specialists working with equine-assisted service (EAS) programs. The code outlines basic philosophies to guide Masterson Method Equine Specialists in their practice when partnering with EAS programs. High standards of ethics and professionalism are essential for the responsible implementation of obligations, activities, and services provided by Masterson Method Equine Specialists. The Masterson Method Equine Specialist Code of Conduct is intended as a guide for promoting and maintaining high standards of ethical practice, personal behavior, and professional integrity.

The Code of Conduct is based on the fundamental values of overall safety and well being for clients and equines. Ethical conduct and decisions should be consistent with the outline of the Code. Failure to act in accordance with the Code of Conduct may result in loss of Masterson Method Equine Specialist certification. It is our goal to build the emerging practice of bringing Masterson Method basic techniques to EAS programs as a safe, effective, and professional activity for personal growth and learning.

All Masterson Method Certified Equine Specialists agree to abide by the following MMES Code of Conduct. 

, the Masterson Method Certified Equine Specialist, will: 

1. Respect the value and dignity of all and will protect the safety, welfare, and best interests of clients and equines.

2. Provide the highest quality of service in supporting and assisting clients in learning and using Masterson Method bodywork techniques. 

3. Respect the integrity and well being of program equines, including recognition and respect of the individual character, nature, and physical attributes of each equine. 

4. Encourage safe and respectful client and equine interactions, placing equines in activities suited for their temperament and physical ability.

5. Always consider physical and emotional safety concerns including safety utilizing equines and safety within the facility setting.

6. Facilitate sessions in a respectful manner, maintaining the privacy and rights of confidentiality of all clients.

7. Treat other associates and professionals courteously and respect their views, ideas, and opinions. 

8. Regularly evaluate her/his own professional strengths and limitations and seek to expand her/his knowledge base.

9. Be truthful in representing her/his professional qualifications, education, and affiliations as well as expected activities, risks, and potential benefits of Masterson Method activities to be presented in equine assisted service programs. 


Part of the Code of Conduct is to stay within one’s scope of practice.

, the Masterson Method Certified Equine Specialist, will: 

10. Follow all state/country laws and guidelines pertaining to her/his scope of practice.

11. Stay within the MMES scope of practice, which is to aid EAS horses in their program and facilitate Masterson Method bodywork learning experiences for EAS staff, volunteers, and/or clients in an EAS setting. 

12. Present, demonstrate, and facilitate only Masterson Method principles and techniques during Masterson Method based sessions with EAS staff, volunteers, and/or clients; if representing other principles or techniques, clearly state that they are not Masterson Method. 

13. If dually certified in an equine-assisted psychotherapy, learning, or coaching capacity, remember the adage, "It’s About the Horse," and consider processing with the client AFTER interacting with the horse.

14. Not use the MMES certification to present herself/himself as a professional equine bodyworker for hire.* 

*To provide Masterson Method fee-for-service bodywork to improve performance in horses, please consider the Masterson Method Certified Practitioner (MMCP) program. Only MMCPs are permitted to use The Masterson Method trademark to promote their Masterson Method professional equine bodywork services for hire.


MMES Trademark Use Agreement

This is an agreement between  as an individual Masterson Method Certified Equine Specialist (MMES) and Masterson Equine Services (MES) on the use of the Masterson Method trademark. 

For the purposes of this agreement, the term “trademark” means the Masterson Method Equine Specialist registered name and logo.

The purpose of this agreement is to:

  • support MMESs who have completed The Masterson Method Equine Specialist certification course of training,
  • protect the business of the individual MMES from unauthorized use of the Masterson Method brand by those who did not complete the MMES certification, and
  • protect the integrity of the Masterson Method brand.

Use of the Masterson Method trademark in general for the purposes of conducting business or advertisement of services; in print; social media; website; or other online or digital form is protected and prohibited without permission in writing from MES. 

With this agreement, MES grants the Masterson Method Certified Equine Specialist the right to use the Masterson Method trademark—specifically, the official MMES logo—for purposes of promoting and marketing the MMES’s services as an MMES.

In order to clarify the distinction between,

  1. use of the Masterson Method trademark in representing the business of the MMES, and
  2. use of the Masterson Method trademark in representing the Masterson Method organization as a whole, 

the following rules have been developed. 

The MMES agrees to abide by the following rules and guidelines for use of the Masterson Method trademark: 

  • Any website created by the MMES or their affiliated EAS program with the words “Masterson Method” in the domain name will include something in the domain name that distinguishes it as an MMES website, and not a Masterson Method organization website. 

For example, if the term “Masterson Method” is included in a domain name it will include the words “Equine Specialist”. 

  • Any social media platform created by the MMES or their affiliated EAS program with the words “Masterson Method” in the title name will not begin with the words “Masterson Method”, and will include something in the title that distinguishes it from a Masterson Method organization site. 

For example, if a Facebook page title contains the words “Masterson Method”, the title must begin with the Equine Specialist’s name, and the words “Masterson Method” must be followed by the words “Equine Specialist”.

  • An MMES who wishes to create a Masterson Method organization website, Facebook or other social media page in a country where no Masterson Method organization website or social media site exists must have express written permission and approval of the content of the site from MES. 

MES reserves the right to terminate this Agreement and the permissions granted if it determines that there is improper use of the Masterson Method trademark.

Thank you for participating!

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