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Apparel Company Terms of Use of the Masterson Method® Brand

Masterson Method Certified Practitioners (MMCPs) are the only individuals who are permitted to order Masterson Method® branded apparel.

As an Apparel Company, we permit you to provide Masterson Method branded apparel for MMCPs under the following terms:

This Apparel Company Terms of Use of The Masterson Method Brand is made on by and between The Masterson Method of 123 N Main Street, #8, Fairfield, Iowa 52556 (“TMM”) and the Apparel Company named below.

Company agrees to only use The Masterson Method logo—embroidered, screen-printed, or otherwise—for apparel for individuals who are approved by the Masterson Method office as Masterson Method Certified Practitioners (MMCPs). Approved MMCPs can be found on the directory at or can be verified via email at .

Once the Representative signs and submits this document, they will receive the appropriate digitized logo to use as outlined in this Agreement.

The term of this Agreement will begin on the date this Agreement is signed and will remain in effect until otherwise provided by The Masterson Method.

If Company fails to comply with the terms outlined in this Agreement, they will be required to delete any digitized assets related to The Masterson Method and will not be granted permission to provide Masterson Method branded apparel to existing or future customers.

In the event changes are made to this Agreement, Representative will be notified and given the opportunity to renew or withdraw from this Agreement.

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