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Coaching Course


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What is a “Coaching Course”?

A Coaching Course is a one or two-day course at which the student will get hands-on training and feedback from a Masterson Method Coach. Courses will be scheduled and taught by individual Coaches at or near their residences around the country on a regular basis. Courses are limited to no more than 4 students, and ideally will take place over a weekend, at a local facility near where the coach lives.  If there is only one student needing a coaching course, the course can be completed over a one-day period.

What will happen at the Coaching Course?

Coaches and students will discuss difficult or interesting Case Studies together as a group. Students will spend time working on horses, getting help and feedback from the Coach. Student will be evaluated by the Coach on the Masterson Method techniques using the Proficiency Evaluation Form.

The purpose of the Proficiency Evaluation Form is to give the student an opportunity to get hands-on practice with a Coach, and to have the student’s progress evaluated. Student will be objectively evaluated on knowledge, proficiency and understanding of the Masterson Method Techniques and Skills. This will give the student a clear understanding of how they are progressing through the course.  The Coach may assign homework to be done by the student prior to moving to the next Block.  If there is homework between the final Coaching Course and the Certification Completion Course, this homework must be completed prior to registering.  The third Coaching Course must be completed at least 3 weeks prior to attending the Certification Completion Course to give the student enough time to complete any required homework.

What is the Proficiency Evaluation Form?

Coaches will use the Proficiency Evaluation Form, brought to all the Coaching Courses by the student in which students’ progress can be objectively evaluated and tracked during the Certification Field Work Course.  The Student will keep the Proficiency Evaluation Form to bring to all three Coaching Courses to track progress.

PLEASE do not register for a coaching course until all current block’s case studies are submitted and you have received your Mentor’s feedback.

PLEASE register for a coaching course AT LEAST 1 WEEK PRIOR to the date of your coaching.

IF you have paid the full price of $1,500 for field work study, please click on the Mail a Check option on the payment page

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