Cortney is a Masterson Method Equine Specialist. She was born and raised on a dairy farm. Her family has always had horses so she was able to experience them, as well and many other animals, from a very young age. After her family sold the dairy cattle she became more involved with horses. She sees and feels so many benefits these wonderful creatures can bring into our lives and strives to share this with others. Cortney enjoys training and giving presentations. Throughout her career at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, she has worked with many unique individuals on some very interesting files. She feels fortunate for this experience as well as having had the chance to develop herself as a trainer specializing in Tactical Communications. In her private life, she enjoys teaching horsemanship and equine-assisted learning activities while taking every opportunity she can to continue to grow and learn. From the day she was introduced to The Masterson Method she knew it was something very special for horse people and non-horse people alike to enjoy. She feels it ties many things together from her past and draws bits and pieces of things well worth sharing that she has observed and experienced. She feels a strong link to horsemanship, overall wellbeing, and equine-assisted learning. Cortney is looking forward to sharing some of her knowledge and experience in The Masterson Method with others in the equine-assisted learning setting so they can go on to experience and share this wonderful gift themselves.

Contact Information
Metcalfe, Ontario , Canada