Jim Masterson’s deep conviction of working with, not on, a horse resonates with lessons I’ve learned from horses and other animals throughout my life.  Being an MMCP continually refines my ability to meet an animal’s brace with soft hands and understanding kindness.  

Horses give to us and work for us physically, psychologically, and emotionally. This is true regardless of use or discipline. The Masterson Method® aims to “improve movement, performance, and well-being in a healthy horse.” It is a privilege when a horse chooses to allow me access to their areas of discomfort so that I may meet their tensions with tenderness and a soft touch. If your horse has sustained injury and/or trauma, I am honored to become a member of the rehabilitation team upon approval of the attending veterinarian. I am also available for demonstrations of The Masterson Method® at your club, barn, or event.

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Fountain Run, Kentucky , United States