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Plano, Texas, United States

I came to horses late in life after hitting a personal and professional plateau in my long career as a transition and leadership coach. I felt challenged to offer more meaningful and profound growth experiences to my clients. Coaching with horses was gaining momentum so I jumped on board and left my plateau behind. Through equine-facilitated learning sessions, the horse became the coach and magical things happened. In 2014 I found my tribe at Solace Equine Center where we partner with addiction centers to work with adults in rehab and share that magic with them during their healing process. No two sessions are the same and the horses somehow know to bring the perfect lesson to each person. I have always been drawn to giving back the gift of healing to our horses and found The Masterson Method to be the perfect tool. There is always a queue waiting for me at the barn! We have also incorporated the MMES approach into our work with clients so they can be part of the powerful giving/receiving cycle. It has become one of the favorite programs for both humans and horses.

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