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Ilminster, United Kingdom, Global

After a number of years away from ponies, I found myself hankering to get back in the saddle, a complete contrast to my 9-5 office job. I was fortunate to be able to buy a horse but not so fortunate for him to develop lameness and arthritis after a relatively short period. In order to understand more, I found myself researching means of bodywork I could facilitate as his owner. As part of this, I discovered the Masterson Method Weekend and was enthusiastic to learn more but unable to attend advanced training at that time. Later, I became certified as a Human Bowen Therapist and obtained an ITEC Massage qualification (an added bonus whilst obtaining my anatomy qualification) and then Equine Bowen Therapy. I believe it is beneficial to look at the whole picture and the Bowen allows me to support both the rider and their horse. In meanwhile the Masterson Method had become even more accessible and after completing the 5-day advanced course, now open to all following the introductory weekend, I immediately enrolled for the Certification Program and the rest, as they say, is history. It has been an amazing period in my life and surpassed all my expectations. The support from the Masterson gang has been great and I have worked with amazing people and wonderful horses along the way for which I am very grateful. Having come this far I intend to build on the skills I have developed and make myself available to help as many owners and horses as I can in the future.

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