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Sligo/Longford, Ireland

I started horse riding at an early age in riding schools in Norway, soon after I was hooked. I then got my own horse at the age of 16 and competed as a show jumper for a number of years. I then got an injury that made me leave show jumping for a year and I then did a bit of dressage. I had a lovely schoolmaster and when he got a mystery hind leg lameness that no one could figure out, I got interested in bodywork. Unfortunately, the horse got very ill and had to be put to sleep after a few years of owning him. I then moved to Ireland to work at a show jumping yard, and there I met a Masterson Method Certified Practitioner called Marie O’Sullivan. She used to do bodywork on the horses at the yard I was working on and I was always standing around watching her and wondering how she was able to make such a great improvement on these horses. She then showed me a few techniques and after that I was hooked. I signed up for the weekend and 5-day course in October of 2018, and finished my certification a year later, in 2019. I now do bodywork in Norway and in Ireland. I try to come to Norway every month and there I do bodywork in Oslo and surrounding areas and also in Østfold. I also do bodywork in Ireland in Sligo, Longford  and surrounding areas. If you have any inquiry, please send me an email or ring my phone and I will be happy to help. 

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Phone: 47 95127074

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