Robert Roffman, MMCP

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Arden, North Carolina, United States

We all know about the connection shared between horse and rider. Wouldn't it be wonderful to optimize your horse's performance and your riding experience? Whether it's for pleasure or competition, the quality of your experience depends on how you both feel. Being the intuitive animals that they are, horse's respond to any discomfort you might have and communicate that via their behavior.

What separates me from my peers is not only my first hand experience of recovering from a traumatic injury, but my advanced certification in Medical Massage for my human practice. I have been dedicated to helping people manage their physical challenges, which more often than not include pain and range of motion issues. These skills are easily transferable when I deal with my equine clients also. Due to the similar anatomy my advanced human massage training easily gives me the edge over other equine therapists.

As a Medical Massage Therapist for people and a Masterson Method™ Practitioner allow me to customize a plan to enhance the synergy between you and your equine partner.

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