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Trilla, France, Global

Listing Ray Hunt, the Dorrance Brothers, Mark Rashid, Brent Graef and of course now Jim Masterson amongst her mentors, Monica brings a wealth of international experience to her bodywork with horses. Having travelled the world in her pursuit of enhancing horses performance and the missing connection between horse and human, Monica admits that 'there is nothing more beautiful than the freedom of movement which comes from a healthy horse.

The Masterson Method allows horse and human to work together taking into account the horse's natural instinct and thus allowing the appropriate release of tension where required. This fully aligns with Monica's experience with horses and underlies her passion to help horses maintain health and improve performance where appropriate.

Coming from a nursing background, Monica understands how important it is to create trust and win a horses cooperation in order for the healing process to take place. Combining these skills with her unique and natural instinctive feel for what is 'right', Monica is the practitioner your horse would choose.

As well as being a Masterson Method Practitioner, Monica is a saddle fit tester and also understands' the bio-dynamics of the hoof.
Monica is currently located in the Languedoc Rousillion area of France but is available to travel globally.

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