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Langley, BC, Canada, Global

I grew up with horses and have always been fascinated by them. I was without them in my life for several years after moving out on my own and starting a family, but they were never far from my heart. I brought home a Shetland pony for the kids followed soon after by a young Paint mare. She had excellent conformation and a kind, sweet temperament, but became explosive and unpredictable under saddle. I found her a job in a therapy program that did not involve riding where she excelled, especially with kids. I then began investigating every form of bodywork available, and when I came across The Masterson Method, I was hooked by the connection and the subtle, profound effect it can have. I started working toward certification as a Masterson Method practitioner (to become a professional equine bodyworker), and had also started volunteering with a friend's program for at-risk youth, partnering with her herd of horses. I was again hooked by the connections I witnessed and the effect the kids and horses had on each other. When I found out about the MMES training and certification to help those in equine therapy programs learn how to give back to the horse through simple bodywork, I knew it was the perfect way to combine my love for horses and kids. As my own kids finish school and head off in their own directions, I look forward to resuming and completing my practitioner certification and making my passion my work. I am very fortunate to have my own herd at home, including the Shetland pony and Paint mare. They have been joined over the years by a Standardbred mare off the track, a Haflinger gelding, a retired Fjord mare, a couple of goats and a pet Jersey steer, who might think he is a horse.

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