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Pasadena, California, United States

Marce is both a Masterson Method Certified Practitioner, and certified in Equine Sports Massage through Equissage. Her intuitive and results oriented approach is well suited for equine bodywork. Horses have always been Marce's passion. As a young girl she grew up riding and competing in hunters in the Los Angeles area. She sold her horse when she left for college and subsequent adulthood spent in Chicago and New York City kept her focused on other things beyond the occasional ride. Marce eventually found her way back to horses for good in 2011. A random encounter with an acquaintance who himself, was just returning to riding after a long illness, inspired her to rediscover her passion. One lesson per week quickly turned into 2 and within 6 months, she fell in love and purchased a beautiful, yet 'sassy' chestnut mare. The horse had some behavioral issues that subconsciously Marce knew were related to discomfort in the body, not to mention a long history of being ridden by many different people mostly timid and unbalanced riders. So began her desire to be able to help horses in a way they can't help themselves and to deepen her bond and horsemanship skills in the process. After becoming certified with Equissage, Marce began by helping her own horse. Soon thereafter, she discovered The Masterson Method and was intrigued with the light touch methodology and intuitiveness of the bodywork. She bought the Beyond Horse Massage book and DVD and taught herself the basics. Fascinated by the horses' responses and subsequent results, Marce completed the Masterson Method Certification. Her continuing education interests include gait analysis, nutrition assessment and Kinesiology Taping. Marce continues to ride and compete in hunters and dressage. Her Practice includes horses from many disciplines, including dressage, jumping and cutting and reining horses. She is based in Los Angeles and proudly services Southern California.

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Phone: 310-871-0411

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