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Based at Manor Farm, East Halton North Lincolnshire dn40 3ps we are a friendly approachable team, that specializes in communication between horse and human.

An inspiring natural and calm teacher Lou uses established Natural Horsemanship techniques and in-depth principles of equine behavior and psychology.

  • Lou is also an Accredited Trainer for Horse Agility GB
  • Parelli Level 1-2 graduate in 2007
  • Diploma's in Equine instincts and behavior
  • Certificate in Horse care and stable management
  • Certificate Horse care& Riding-Higher at Askam Bryan college york in 2008.
  • Diploma in Equine instincts and behavior in 2009.
  • Lou has attended all the Intelligent Horsemanship courses with Kelly Marks, including;
  • Feeding & nutrition 2009
  • The horse as an athlete 2009
  • Horse psychology 2010

She will listen to you and watch you with your horse to help resolve certain issues that we don't always see ourselves and can be so easily resolved when brought to our attention.

All this together with years of experience allows Lou to be sympathetic towards horse and owner to help you achieve a better understanding.

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