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Aberdeenshire, Scotland, United Kingdom

Born and raised in the Scottish countryside horses have been a large part of my life. With an early association with these graceful animals, I began riding at a very young age becoming involved in all things 'equine'.

I spent four years at Queen Margaret University College in Edinburgh completing a BSc (Hons) in Occupational Therapy. While there, I developed a keen interest in complementary therapies, gaining a qualification in, and practicing, 'Seated Acupressure Massage'. I am also qualified in holistic and Indian head massage, regularly treating riders alongside their horses.

Whilst in New Zealand in 2003 I completed my equine massage training and began working on Olympic standard dressage and show jumping yards. On my return to the UK I set up my own business, studying and training with Equinenergy to complete certification in Anatomy and Physiology, Equine Body Work Certificate and Advanced massage. In 2010 I completed an Equinology course, qualifying in Equine Myofascial Release. I began my Masterson Method journey in 2009 with the 2-day seminar, and have never looked back. The techniques I learned on that one weekend enhanced my work so much that I decided to pursue certification to Certification level, which I achieved in June 2011. The gentle but effective techniques have proved beneficial to so many horses and the results have been fantastic, improving performance, flexibility and overall well-being.

I’m based in Scotland and cover Aberdeenshire with both performance and leisure horses. I also work with horses returning from injury and can work with owners to develop individualized rehabilitation program.

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