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Norco, California, United States

From my very first memory, I was in love with horses - all horses, all disciplines, and everything about them. I have been fortunate to be able to see, touch, and participate in many facets of the horse industry.

The Masterson Method, more than any other type of equine body work, has enabled me to not only make horses feel and move better, but also to connect with them on a different and very satisfying level. How can anyone not be touched by the tears of an owner as she watches her horse do lateral flexions when he has not been able to bend to the left for years? ... or by an owner who can once again can ride her Tennessee Walking horse who is now rideable after not being able to be saddled without falling over due to restricted pectoral muscles? .... or the tense and worried mare who, on following sessions, tries to help you do everything, including voluntarily putting her head on your shoulder to help you work on her tight poll? ...or when watching the 30+ mare running and playing who, 6 months ago, was on the verge of being put down because she was unable to even slowly move and turn without stumbling and falling? If you love horses, how can you beat this work!

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Phone: 951-505-7214

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