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The Villages, Florida, United States

Garnet was raised on a small farm in West Virginia, surrounded by animals, or at least as many as she was allowed to have. She even had a small pony which she sadly outgrew and quit riding bareback through the pastures when her feet began hanging below the pony's knees. After completing college at West Virginia University, Garnet decided to join the Army and see the world. She became a MEDEVAC helicopter pilot and subsequently a resource manager in the Army's health care system. During this time she was also able to pursue her love of horses and enjoyed a succession of equine partners at various duty stations. After the Army, Garnet settled in Texas and acquired a small herd of horses. Unfortunately, she had to have her beloved Morgan gelding put down after a long and unresolved lameness. Then, her young Morgan filly developed a surgical colic, but fortunately survived. The frustration of not being able to help her horses as one declined and the other recovered, led Garnet to seek the knowledge and skills needed to help horses in need. She became fascinated with the work of a local lady in Texas who was performing a type of cranial-sacral body work. However, this kind lady quit doing this work because of her own health issues, and Garnet was again searching for "something." She knew she had found that something when She discovered the Masterson Method® on-line and, happily, there was an upcoming course scheduled in Texas. Garnet was hooked after experiencing horses' response to this body work method, and decided to pursue certification. Garnet now lives in central Florida and is available to assist owners and horses with the MastersonMethod®.

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