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Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States

After years in a lab coat with beaker and pipette in hand, horses found me and captured my mind and heart. This new equine love started me on a wonderful journey, moving out of the science lab and, eventually, partnering with horses to help people. I began learning all I could about horses: how to care for, feed, and train them; going to natural horsemanship clinics, workshops, certification trainings', reading about and owning my own horses. With Success-Centered Riding/Training, Faith-Based Counseling, and EAGALA certifications, I partnered with a non-profit that specialized in Equine Assisted modalities including EAP, EED, Hippotherapy, Therapeutic Riding and Special Olympics. I'm grateful for the growth personally, professionally and spiritually gained through the years working with this organization and the experience of seeing lives changed. While sharing the healing power of horses, one thing that remains with me is the need to give back to the horse---these creatures who give so much unconditionally. We too often forget how this human healing is facilitated due to the hyper-focus on ourselves. My passion has been and is helping people heal mentally, physically, and spiritually through a relationship with our Creator, aided by the sensitivity of the horse; but now, with a heightened awareness of the horse and the significance of a reciprocal relationship in the healing process. After taking time away from this work for a temporary move abroad, I began a search for my place in this process and discovered the Masterson Method Equine Specialist Certification. Jim's book and DVD just sat on my shelf for several years, after attempting to apply it but not quite grasping its potential or usefulness. That changed completely when I took the MMES course and felt the magic in person. This marriage of revolutionary therapy for the horse and improved communication and connection by humans intentionally giving back is transformational and greatly needed. I look forward to partnering with Equine-Assisted Activity/Therapy Programs and sharing the bladder meridian technique.

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Phone: 409-201-1646

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