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Biggleswade, United Kingdom

I have been riding since I was 8 years old at the local riding school. Every spare minute was to try and get more pony time with non-horsey parents. Eventually shared a loan pony! I worked hard at school to get my exams so I could keep the pony! Went to college at Milton Cambs and Moulton College in Northampton to study both Equine Business Management and then the Management of horses. Along the way I took my BHS exams. Still needed my horsey fix - all I really wanted to do was ride!

I worked with them now for 27 years and run a family business with my long suffering husband and daughter. I have always had a keen interest in horse behaviour and "problem" horses and wanted to help them and their owners build a better partnership primarily looking at it from the horse's point of view.

The Masterson Method has filled the gap in my life so I can continue to help horses: being non-invasive and following the responses of the horse was "perfect" - a technique which improves performance by working with the horse rather than doing it to the horse and looking at the whole horse.

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