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Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States

Anne first heard of “The Masterson Method” years ago from a horsemanship clinic acquaintance. It was her observations of Anne’s work that she suggested to Anne she might find the Masterson Method Equine Performance Bodywork an important part of horse wellness. Years later, the seed that was planted so long ago was nurtured by a cherished friend and it germinated, resulting in Anne completing the Masterson Method certification process and creating Art of Equine Bodyworks. With Anne’s intuitive gifts and calm nature, coupled with an extensive horsemanship education, she is an enthusiastic ambassador of the Masterson Method with its healing and energetic elements. Anne is dedicated to your horse’s well-being and performance, helping you achieve your performance goals in competition or at home. Anne believes quality management of horses occurs with a team approach including owners, trainers, veterinarians, farriers and chiropractors. She would be honored to be a member of your horse’s team.

While Anne has not pursued competition herself, she finds great pleasure in supporting those that do while continuing her own education growing her skills as a horsewoman.

Anne serves West Michigan and Northern Michigan regions. She offers reasonable travel rates for visits to clients who live beyond these areas.


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Phone: 269-377-3726

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