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Inese Stopele – Vretstorp (Sweden)




Phone: (46) 769060237


(Orebro lan, Sweden) Inese's passion for horses started as far back as she can remember. A horse like Black Beauty or Artax from The Neverending story were "on the wish list". 🙂 Inese was an amateur showjumping rider in her home country Latvia until the age of 19. But she has always enjoyed just being with the horses more than competing.

In 2011 Inese moved to Sweden. Buying a 1,5 year old thoroughbred horse with - as it turned out later - many health issues, was why Inese became obsessed with gaining knowledge and deeper understanding about equine health, anatomy, psychology, nutrition etc.

For several years Inese followed different popular natural horsemanship methods, but at some point understood, that quite often people were trying to "fix behavioral issues" which actually were health related problems. Too often people misunderstand their horses' behavior and try to "train the pain".

As Inese learned more and more, she understood how important a Whole horse approach is. There must never just a single problem be addressed, we must look at the whole horse. Physical and psychological comfort and well being, teeth, feet, balanced nutrition, tension and pain free body - all of it matters if we want to build a healthy and happy partner and athlete.

Attending the world-famous equine veterinary scientist's Sharon May-Davis dissection clinic was another proof that horses can tolerate an incredible amount of pain in their bodies without us even noticing. It's their natural instinct to hide their weaknesses in order to survive. With Masterson Method we can bypass their natural instincts and get access to deep hidden tension, pain and restrictions. And to be able to help a horse get rid of all that is a wonderful feeling!

Inese says - The Masterson Method does wonders. It's good not only for horse's body, but even their mind/nervous system. Many horses don't know their own body that good, but during a MM bodywork session, especially if it's on regular basis, they become more self-aware and their proprioception becomes better. This definitely helps when they later perform their tasks in the arena, too.

Inese lives in Orebro lan, Sweden, and is willing to travel in the Mid-Sweden region. Inese speaks English, Swedish, Latvian and Russian languages.