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Helen Cherry – Tredington (United Kingdom)

MMCP, Coach


Phone: (44) 7974-663452

(Warwickshire/Midlands area)
Helen's love for horses has seen her working with horses for many years in the UK and abroad. Her time spent in Australia, working on a sheep and cattle station in the outback was fundamentally the turning point for understanding what a true partnership with a horse meant. She worked 8-9 hour days, covering thousands of acres, just her and her horses, developing a true friendship and an unspoken understanding of each other along with a natural intuitive way of communication.
Back in the UK, Helen first became interested in the Masterson Method when she bought a Thoroughbred mare that had developed physical and emotional problems which no other bodywork therapist had been able to resolve. Helen attended a Masterson Method weekend seminar and realising that the Masterson Method is the only bodywork that actually relies on the horses input and works WITH the horses responses, Helen was instantly drawn to learn more. This method went hand-in-hand with her ideals of the true partnership between human and horse. She has gone onto become a certified practitioner and now enjoys working with horses from all disciplines and ages, from yearlings at the stud, through to race horses that are recovering from injury.
Helen's own horses have thoroughly enjoyed the Masterson Method journey alongside her. She has been able to help them through various problems, some quite serious ones, and get them back to an unrestricted, pain free, happy life. The mare that started it all has given birth to a wonderful colt foal and is enjoying life presently as an amazing mother. So on behalf of them, Helen says "A very big Thank you Jim Masterson".
Helen combines her training in Masterson Method, Kinesiology, Reiki and Merishia Equine Massage to help horses reach their unrestricted potential. She can be contacted by phone or e-mail.