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Fran Cilella – Holland, MI

MMCP, Mentor, Coach



Phone: 616-283-6786


When Fran retired from a corporate career in 2011, she knew that the next phase of her life needed to involve helping animals, and specifically horses. When she started looking for ideas on how she could best help horses and their riders, she came across the tangible benefits of equine massage therapy. Within months of 'retirement' she became a certified equine sports massage therapist. But it wasn't enough.

She took another course, and then found The Masterson Method. After only the weekend course, she and her human customers took note of the huge difference the MM was making in their horses. Fran never looked back, and worked her way towards MM certification and building a growing business along the way. She serves a wide variety of equine breeds and disciplines.

An avid dressage rider, Fran also dabbles in mounted archery and extreme trail. She volunteers at several local charities and equine groups