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Fiona Minchell – Seer Green (United Kingdom)



Phone: (44) 7927845704


Fiona started training in The Masterson Method while living in Southern California after meeting Jim and watching him work at a Horse Expo. At the time she was working for a Horse Rescue and looking for ways in which to help these horses, many of whom had been traumatised and physically abused. Fiona chose The Masterson Method over other methods of Equine Bodywork because it is gentle, kind and addresses the whole horse enabling them to release emotional as well as physical restriction and pain, while communicating with them in a language they understand.

Fiona is also a qualified Homeopath, Holistic Therapist and Pilates Instructor with a special interest in Horse Riders. Since becoming a Masterson Method Certified Practitioner, Fiona has continued to learn new skills and now incorporates Cranial Sacral techniques, Myofaschial Release and Accupoint Therapy into her treatments where appropriate. Fiona is committed to a programme of ongoing training and continual professional development in order to help as many horses as possible.

Will travel.