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Christie Hebert – Wittmann, AZ




Phone: 307-247-5359

(Wickenburg, AZ)
Christie has loved horses all of her life- and has spent the past 30+ years caring for, training and competing with them. She grew up on the east coast and then moved to Colorado and Florida before moving back to Maine and then to her current state of residence, Wyoming. Currently she owns 23 registered quarter horses, most of whom she raised on her farm in Pavillion. Though she started out riding english and dressage, for the past 20 years, her equine interests have shifted mostly to rodeo event horses, with her passion being barrel racing. She is a WPRA card holder in the Mountain States Circuit and competes at professional rodeos as well as 4D barrel races around the western states. In the winter months you will find her in Arizona with some of her young horses teaching them the skills needed to be a barrel horse. She became interested in equine therapies after more than once, she would find herself sidelined due to an injured, sore, or unsound horse. In 2001 she became a Certified Equine Massage Therapist, a few years later she became interested in micro-current for horses and became a trainer and dealer for some of these units. In the fall of 2013, she became a Certified Masterson Method Practitioner. She looks forward to many more years of competing with healthy and happy horses, as well as helping others learn how to care for their own with these same techniques. She loves to compete, but admits there is nothing more satisfying than knowing that her horses come to her for relief- and after adding the Masterson Method Bodywork to her program, she feels completely confident with helping them.