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Vanessa Helvey – Tucson, Arizona

MMCP, Mentor, Coach, Instructor


Phone: 903-815-7129

Vanessa grew up with a mother who loved cutting horses and a father who enjoyed roping, but it was not until later in life that the real love affair with horses began. After graduating from college with a Liberal Arts Degree, Vanessa landed a position with the Denton Convention and Visitor Bureau where she became active with their famed North Texas Horse Country Tours.

Living and working in one of the most densely populated areas for horses in the US, she began a journey to learn as much as possible about horses and their care. A particularly bad riding experience led her on a path to explore equine behavior in relation to structural imbalance and discomfort. She began to study conformation, biomechanics and equine fitness, and that is how she found the Masterson Method™. The techniques worked beautifully on a variety of horses Vanessa had access to and it became a way to interact with them on the most intimate of levels. She noticed that the "old guys" became easier to catch in the pasture, easier to handle due to a more accepting and willing attitude, and there was a measurable improvement in the horses' range of motion and flexibility.

Vanessa has cultivated a kind of sensitivity to our equine companions that could not have been accomplished any other way than through The Masterson Method. Now that she has found the perfect mount in a retired cow horse, she looks forward to becoming a better rider in such diverse disciplines as cutting and classical dressage. Vanessa has found her calling in serving the equine community, whether it be a high-performance reiner or a backyard pony.