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Becky Blevins – Winston Salem, NC



(Winston Salem, NC)
Becky Blevins has been in service to horses for most of her adult life. When she began working as a groom in hunter/jumper barns, she quickly saw the toll that competitions took on the sensitive animals.
When grooming, Becky intuitively used her whole body, and trainers realized that they could rely on both her eyes and hands to gauge the health of their horses. As Becky brushed with one hand, her trailing hand slid over the horse's body and legs, probing for scrapes, bumps and abrasions. Additional tools to relieve soreness and stiffness and increase suppleness would come later.
Becky studied Reiki, reflexology and acupressure for people, and once she felt her hands "turned on," she knew that horses would benefit. After studying several equine-massage modalities, Becky met Jim Masterson in 2008, and after one weekend clinic, Becky knew this was how she now wanted to servehorses.
Jim showed her the tools, and she will be forever grateful. In addition to studying with Jim, Becky has completed Level I & II in Karen Head's L.E.A.P. program @ Equinection, (Equine Facilitated Learning based on consciousness and awareness with horses). This work with Karen has enhanced the way Becky uses the Masterson Method™. It is a good combination, and Becky believes she is now more astute at reading the horse's behavior and more aware of what she can brings to the horses.
For Becky, all paths are about being of service to the horses and people