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Laurie Gonacha – Berthoud, CO



Phone: 303-709-2471

(Berthoud, CO) Having served twenty-five years as a firefighter and Lieutenant with Boulder Fire Rescue, Lori knows first-hand just how much of a beating the body can take. With an understanding of the importance of regular bodywork during her long and extremely physically demanding career, Lori realized that it must be just as critical in maintaining a horse's health since their bodies also undergo a great deal of daily wear and tear.
This realization led Lori to became a successful certified equine sports massage therapist (CSMT) in 2002. Ten years later, she heard about the Masterson Method and was immediately intrigued and hooked. With a sincere and heartfelt desire to help improve the health of horses of all ages, Lori was eager and excited to take her equine massage skills to a much deeper level and continued learning all she could and is now a proud Certified Masterson Method Practitioner.
A native of Colorado, Lori grew up riding horses both for fun and competition. Today she owns a quarter horse and an Arabian that she enjoys for trail riding. In addition to her two beloved horses, she lives on a quiet ranch nestled near the foothills of the Rockies in Berthoud, CO with her three dogs, Cowboy, Cooper and Dalilah.
Lori is a firm believer in the Masterson Method and sees time and time again how it not only releases physical tension but also the stress and emotional tension that so many horses experience. By being in tune with the unique responses of each individual horse, Lori creates a beautiful trust and special bond with every horse she works with. Her many loyal clients are often astonished when their horses completely relax and are able to communicate with her in ways they've never seen during this amazing interactive process.
Lori is passionate about improving your horse's overall physical and emotional health and looks forward to meeting you and your equine friends.
P: 303-709-2471