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Anissa Maisl Brauneis – Goellersdorf (Austria)




Phone: (43) 6765008350

(Goellersdorf, Austria)
Since I have been a horse lover for as long as I can remember, I always aimed for a career that involved horses and riding. After working for reining horse trainers in Canada in my late teenage years and experiencing the benefits of bodywork for horses, I became interested in all forms of alternative therapy methods and high performance support for horses and their riders. I attended a 3 year long training to become a Cranio Sacral therapist for humans and their animals and had the pleasure to work with some outstanding horses and riders from very early on.
But I was still seeking for some additional tools" that would help me make an even greater impact on the horses' performance and wasn't quite satisfied with the results of classical equine massage.
Then I found the Masterson Method™ and after watching Jim's DVD, I knew THIS was it! The techniques blend easily and seamlessly into my Cranio Sacral work and I achieved a new level of reading the horse's reactions and therefore learned to put together the most fitting and effective treatment sessions.
I am specialized on - but not limited to! - Western Performance horses of all disciplines. Instead of competing myself, I nowadays have found my place behind the curtain", supporting my clients during or between shows or simply helping them to keep their horses healthy and happy. I am located in the north of Vienna, Austria, but travel arrangements can be made throughout the country and to the South of Germany and I am trying to get to my Western Canadian clients as frequently as possible.
You can find out more about me on my websites (for international clients) or or follow me on Facebook