Hello All,
This is going to be a quick note as I slip into and out of town (under cover of darkness). I returned from California last week after 5 days at a clinic with Jec Ballou; slipped up to Cedar Rapids, IA over the weekend for a Certification Completion Course (3-day weekend), and am now at the airport heading to 4 days of weekend courses in Holland, and finally to the UK for the annual spring roundup there. We’ll be doing Weekends and Advanced Courses in Oxfordshire and Salisbury at our usual wonderful yards and venues.

While there I’ll also be spending a day sharing notes and working with Peggy Cummings at her connected riding clinic in Mitchel Troy, Monmouth, Wales, on May 25th. I’m looking forward to this and auditors/spectators are welcome. Learn more and sign up here.

Other than that, not a lot going on ; ) Will let you know how all of this goes next month when I’m sitting on the back porch typing my newsletter from there. In the meantime there are a couple of other things I would like to mention.


For our mates down under in Australia, New Zealand AND Tasmania; we’re planning a big trip to Australia in November. We’ve just confirmed that I’ll have a booth and will be doing demos at Equitana in Melbourne, and we’ll be doing two weeks of Weekend Seminars and Advanced Courses at the Australian College of Equine Podiotherapy in nearby Yarck where Andrew and Nicky Bowe have an impressive training program. I met Andrew and Nicky last year when we had a Masterson Method Weekend Seminar at their facility and found we have a lot in common from the perspective of what’s going on with the horse. We have a lot going on in Australia in November and it will all be happening around Equitana. Take a look at the schedule below and do some combined planning.

Dressage, Biomechanics and Bodywork Collaborative Clinic

As I mentioned above, I had a fun and educational week with Trainer Jec Ballou and MM Instructor Sandy Vreeberg in California. Jec and I did a clinic combining training and bodywork. We hada group of good people, good horses, good weather, and good feedback. Sandy was on hand to make sure everything went smoothly and safely, and to follow up with the owners on any horses that needed, uh… follow up! Pencil another Jec and Jim Clinic in on your calendar for about this time next year. Here’s a link to Jec’s May newsletter, and check out her website for valuable training books and DVDs: Jec’s Newsletter

Especial – Cinco de Mayo!

Y finalmente, para nuestros amigos latino americanos, celebramos el Cinco de Mayo en este mes con una discuenta de 30% en la compra del libro “El Metodo Masterson.” Posible que celebremos demas con una cerveza Negra Modelo, o dos si quieren. Viva la educacion!
Hasta entonces, como yo,
Disfruten de sus caballos!

Cinco de Mayo Special this Month

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Massage Book.

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*While supplies last, through the month of May.

Australia Courses

We have our Weekend Seminars, Advanced 5-Day Courses, and a Certification Course scheduled this year for Australia and New Zealand.

If you are interested in a Masterson Method Course find your dates and register now!
Jim will be teaching all of these courses. Vicky Devlin will be there too!

Yarck, VIC, AU Weekend Seminar-Workshop Nov. 10-11

Melbourne, AU Equitana Melbourne Nov. 15-18

Victoria, AU Advanced 5-Day Course Nov. 19-23

Yarck, VIC, AU Weekend Seminar-Workshop Nov. 24-25

Victoria, AU Advanced 5-Day Course Nov. 26-30

Victoria, AU Certification Completion Course Dec. 1-2

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Releasing Tension with Masterson Method Bodywork

One of the affects of The Masterson Method; releasing tension in the horse.

First day of the Beyond Horse Massage Weekend Seminar in Campbellcroft, Ontario! Instructor Lori Hoppe is in the video. Thanks to assistants Samantha Walker & Kathy Hanneson. Congratulations to all of the Students!

Find a Weekend Seminar you’d like to attend below, visit our Course Calendar.

Masterson Method Equine Specialist Program News

Masterson Method for Therapeutic Riding Students to Practice

The grounding, horse-reading benefits of doing the Bladder Meridian Technique on a horse is enjoyed by many, including those working with horses therapeutically. Here, Vicki is being supported by Dawn Rick, certified Masterson Method Equine Specialist and PATH Int’l Therapeutic Riding Instructor, to offer her partner Micah some relaxing bodywork. Vicki has been riding Micah for the past 5 summers. Dawn says, “Micah loves it. He has the biggest releases!”

Presentation at the Midwest Horse Fair

We’d like to thank Lise Lunde, MMCP, Masterson Method Instructor, PATH Int’l Therapeutic Riding Instructor and Equine Specialist for Mental Health, Dawn Rick, Masterson Method Equine Specialist and PATH Int’l Therapeutic Riding Instructor, and Megan Dushin, Masterson Method fieldwork student and MMES program coordinator, for sharing about the use of The Masterson Method as an equine-assisted activity or therapy at the Midwest Horse Fair in Madison, WI!

Care to Host a MMES Training?

We are always looking for qualified hosts with 8-10 horses serving in an equine-assisted learning or therapy program. Earn a free spot in the MMES training! Learn more at https://mastersonmethodequinespecialist.com/hosting-a-training/.

Testimonial from Cody Bronk 

“Just wanted to say, thank you!

Spent about an hour doing your ‘Bladder Meridian’ technique with Bea, this am. Only, progressed to six or seven inches, below her ears. Short intervals and small let downs and then a whopping one. So, I stopped. This is her an hour later. She has NEVER slept with her head on the ground. She always slept with her chin bent under her, nose in the ground.

Wonderful demo and looking forward to attending a clinic in the future. Thank you again.”

Cody Bronk

Masterson Method Video

Jim shows how to soften with the horse’s bracing response while doing the Lateral Cervical Flexion Technique.

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