Today I got to witness a Masterson Method Miracle and wanted to share the story.

Several years ago a friend/client of mine sold a very fine young warmblood. Before much time had passed with the new owner, the horse got his right hind caught in the fence and was trapped all night long and part of the next day, jerking and fighting to get free. When the new owners found him, his leg was like hamburger and the spent horse had a “kill me now” look on his face. He was done. The owners did their best with veterinary help to get the horse sound again. But though the cuts healed, they couldn’t cure the lameness. Euthenasia was their next option. They happened to contact my friend to let her know what they were going to do, who stopped the euthenasia, offering to buy the horse back. She then kept him for several years, hoping to get him sound and in training. The result for her was the same…a chronically lame horse on the right hind.

Nearly resigned that he would be a beautiful pasture pet for the rest of his many years, she asked if I would take a look at him. The first time I worked on him he was very sweet about the front end, but I couldn’t safely even do the bladder meridian past mid back. He was very defensive of the whole hind end, especially the right hind. Having a very high sense of self preservation, I let the first session go at that…lots of good front end releases. The owner, who has taken the weekend seminar herself but doesn’t find the time to practice the techniques, was encouraged and willing to have me return for multiple sessions just to see what might occur. The second time I worked on him, the horse was eager for more front end work and would allow bladder meridian work as long as I didn’t try to go down the hind legs. I also was able to do a brief time on the hind end points working from above before he had enough and made that abundantly clear. The third time I worked on him, I was able to spend adequate time on the hind end points and he let me stroke his hind leg. After stroking the right hind leg I went back and redid the points from above again. I then asked for the hind end leg releases on the right hind leg, which to my delight he allowed. And then he shut down again and made it clear that there would be no more. The fourth time I worked on him I was able to extend the full bodywork session to a very cautious feel of the groin muscles on the right hind which he allowed. I found multiple enormous knots that began melting with just the heat of my hand in a very light touch. The next time I came the groin muscle knots were almost completely gone. Yesterday (a number of weeks later after working on the young horse for the last time) I was called to the same barn for a different horse. As I walked in I heard voices calling me to “come quickly” to the arena, which I did. Tears flowed down my face as I saw that beautiful young horse free longing around the trainer, sound as he could be, walk, trot and canter. Thank you Jim Masterson!

(written by Coralie Hughes, Advanced Instructor)