Masterson Equine Services announces new pilot program: Masterson Method® Equine Facilitated Therapy Program Specialist Training.

The Equine Facilitated Therapy is a growing field, with equine therapy centers offering programming to a variety of clients and incorporating horses experientially to provide clients with physical, mental and behavioral health benefits and therapy.

We are excited to announce that we are developing a new specialty within the Masterson Method® brand that will be called, Masterson Method Therapy Program Specialist.

For the past year this Masterson Method® Pilot Therapy Program Specialist Training has been underway to research and develop the structure of this new Masterson Method program.  In recent pilot Masterson Method Therapy Programs, some of the basic techniques of the Masterson Method of Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork® were taught to Equine Facilitated Therapy (EFT) clients and used by them with the EFT horses in a structured and supervised setting.  The Pilot Program demonstrated that bringing the Masterson Method techniques to the EFT setting, in a highly controlled, structured and safe manner, benefits both the EFT horses and clients.

The gentle, tactile, horse-focused, intuitive and interactive nature of this form of bodywork allows for new levels of connection with and communication by and with the EFT clients.  Initial Masterson Method Therapy Program pilot experiences in these EFT settings also showed that this experience, in addition to the predictable benefit to the EFT horses, also opens the door for facilitation of a therapeutic benefit to the EFT clients themselves, both during and after the session.

This first pilot program for the role of Masterson Method Therapy Program Specialist is being offered November 6th – 8th to a select group of Masterson Method Certified Practitioners and Field Work Students with priority given to those with experience and training in equine assisted therapy (PATH, EAGALA or similar training)

About the Masterson Method of Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork: The Masterson Method® is an integrated, multi-modality method of equine massage. It is a unique, interactive method of equine massage in which you learn to recognize and use the responses of the horse to your touch to find and release accumulated tension in key junctions of the body that most affect performance. In contrast to most traditional modalities, it enables the horse to actively participate in the process of releasing tension. It is something you do with the horse, rather than to the horse. This participation and interaction is what makes the method fascinating for those who use it. In fact, if you do not allow the horse to participate, it does not work!