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Jim Masterson - Fairfield, Iowa

CEO & Creator of the Masterson Method Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork

Jim Masterson, Equine Massage Therapist for the 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014 USET Endurance Teams, and for equine clientele competing in FEI World Cup, Pan American and World Games competitions, teaches a unique method of equine bodywork to therapists and horse owners, in which the practitioner recognizes and follows the responses of the horse to touch to release tension in key junctions of the body that most affect performance. When he first became interested in equine massage in 1997, Jim recognized that the horse exhibits certain neurological responses to touch as it releases tension in the body. Using those responses to guide his work, he developed a system in which the horse participates in the process by showing the practitioner where tension has accumulated, precisely how much pressure is needed to release it, and when it has been released. The result is an effective method of bodywork that anyone can learn to use, to improve performance while at the same time opening new levels of communication and trust with the horse. Jim travels the world teaching The Masterson Method seminars and advanced courses to horse owners, trainers and therapists. Website: Facebook: YouTube: LinkedIn: Twitter:

Barbara Glass - Redmond, Washington

Weekend Seminar Instructor and Coach

(Redmond, WA) Barbara has always enjoyed observing, connecting with, teaching and caring for animals since she was very young. She was able to have her own horse for the first time at five years of age and this was the beginning of a love and fascination with horses that continues today. After a few years of riding when she was a child, she had to give it up when her family moved. Despite what turned out to be a long time away, Barbara's love and connection was promptly felt when she walked into a barn in 2009 for what was intended to be only a "short" all came flooding back the moment she was near the horses. The smells and sounds of the barn reminded her of what she innately knew at the age of five: that the horses were so significant in her life. Barbara became a horse owner again in 2010 and now enjoys her interaction with the horses on many levels. Whether this interaction occurs through riding, training, grooming, hand walking or hanging out with a grazing horse in the field, she finds the collaboration between herself and the horses exciting and rewarding. Barbara first found The Masterson Method when her horse suffered a hind suspensory ligament injury. He underwent surgery and she wanted to provide support to promote healing as he attempted to come back to work. There were many months of hand walking and Barbara found that The Masterson Method supported relaxation, improvement in range of motion, overall mobility throughout the body and also, that it had a most positive effect on soundness of mind for her horse. The horse is reminded to "let down and release tension" which carries over to his work or performance, or in this case, the stress of not working as much and being able to handle more stall rest for healing. Barbara is an enthusiastic Masterson Method Practitioner for horses of all disciplines. She looks forward to sharing not only the physical benefits that are provided to the horse but also, the empathetic caring that can put the "light" back in a horse's eyes, especially when they have been dealing with a lot of discomfort. Barbara finds this work practical in terms of its ability to provide a visible physical outcome for the horse and equally as important that it imparts wisdom for horse and rider alike

Beata Filonowicz - Warsaw, Poland

Weekend Instructor and Coach

(Warsaw, Poland) Beata's passion for horses began at an early age. She rode as amateur show jumper until she acquired a horse whose challenges brought her to natural horsemanship. While studying natural horsemanship she became interested in horse behavior and horse psychology. She has been learning how to listen to what horses says, how to understand their behavior and how to read the smallest changes in their bodies ever since. When Beata started to look for a professional equine' bodywork course, she was immediately attracted by the Masterson Method because of its psychological approach and interactive form of communication with horses. Thanks to the method she believes she can better help horses and bring out their full athletic potential. She can see how the method has changed the behavior of horses she has worked with and has made their lives easier. In addition to being certified in the Masterson Method Beata is trained in natural hoof trimming. She has also worked with Karen Rohlf (dressage, naturally method), Linda and Pat Parelli (Beata achieved level 3 of Parelli certification) and offers help with ground work for horses. Based in Warsaw, Beata is happy to travel to any location around Poland.

Chantal Holder - Johannesburg, South Africa

Weekend Seminar Instructor and Coach

(Johannesburg, South Africa) Chantal is a qualified Physiotherapist currently residing in Johannesburg South Africa. She spent a few years travelling around studying in various places to further her qualification, including a stint at Curtin University in Perth, Australia, before finally finding her niche in animal therapy. She first became involved with animal body work in 2006, and studied advanced Canine Physiotherapy in 2007. By then she was already experimenting with body work on horses, and did an apprenticeship in Equine Physiotherapy with another physiotherapist in South Africa. Her first introduction to The Masterson Method was in 2009, when she was searching the website for methods of improving and developing her work with horses. Her next step was getting the dvd, and after studying the recording, she booked her trip to Palo Alto in 2010 to complete the advanced course held at the Red Barn at Stanford University. She was still slightly sceptical about the use of light touch, which is considerably different to some of the methods used in traditional physiotherapy, but following the huge jump in success she achieved with her sport horses back home by incorporating the MM techniques, she was soon using The Masterson Method as the predominant method in her work, and not just as an additional set of tools. Her equine practice grew rapidly and she was soon travelling all over the country, working at the top Showjumping events on the calendar. Her equine practice has continued to grow from strength to strength with each year, until Chantal was able to close her human practice in 2013 and now focuses solely on her passion, which is assisting top level sport horses to work, perform and achieve to their highest potential.

Chaja Kolthoff - Ruinerwold, Netherlands

Weekend Seminar Instructor

Her entire life Chaja has been surrounded by horses, and her original dream was to become a veterinarian. Somewhere life intervened and she found herself building up a business in teaching and training horses at the young age of 20. She followed numerous courses and got the opportunity to work with lots of different horses and coaches, resulting in eventually founding an equine educational centre together with her former trainer and then husband. The Freestyle Academy provides in educational courses for instructors, trainers, equine welfare, health and rehabilitation. From the angle of rehabilitation Chaja and her husband work together with a multidisciplinary team of veterinarians, physical therapists, dentists, farriers, saddle fitters and so on to maintain and improve equine welfare and training. In this perspective, Chaja followed many courses herself to extend her knowledge and skills and that's how she came in touch with The Masterson Method. The techniques provide her with tools to keep her own horses sound and healthy, and to expand this knowledge to her students and the horses she works with. Next to teaching and training she performs in dressage competitions, currently up to Prix St. George level.

Becky Tenges - Mequon, Wisconsin

Seminar & Advanced Instructor, Mentor and Coach

(Mequon, WI) Raised on a large Arabian horse breeding ranch in sunny Southern California and the daughter of a farrier, Becky Tenges grew up at the feet and on the backs of horses. From their over one hundred horses and the thousands more she held over the years while her dad did their feet, Becky learned the language of horses, the dialog of the herd and how to be safe with these amazing creatures. Becky earned a degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of California, Davis and then promptly jetted off to New York City where, deserting the passions of her youth for the promise of her future, she joined the world of finance and investment banking. After nearly twenty years in this industry in New York, Chicago and Milwaukee, Becky and her husband became the ecstatic parents of their two Russian-born daughters and Becky retired from that crazy world of finance. Thankfully, it was her two daughters who awoke in her the love and knowledge of horses that lay dormant for so many years. Initially brought back to horses for the therapeutic benefits they would provide to her eldest daughter, it has been the unrelenting drive and desire of her younger daughter which has fueled Becky's own return to active involvement with horses. Like many parents, Becky put the interests and desires of her kids above her own, so until 2011, Becky's participation in her daughter's horse activities was limited to Chauffeur, Paying Agent, Chief Safety Officer and Dispenser of Equine Wisdom to her appreciative (thankfully) daughter. In 2011, Becky's daughter 'ran out of horses' at their training barn that were suitable to her advancing abilities. Enter Prince Ivan, pictured above with Becky, into the Tenges family. After a successful first season on the Hunter A-Circuit, but in an aggravating turn of events, the Prince began to exhibit intermittent lameness not long after the end of his first show season. This caused the head trainer of their barn to bring in a new farrier to try to sort out the perplexing lameness issues. This new farrier helped to solve the issues and to bring Prince Ivan back to soundness. His skill, knowledge, wisdom and demeanor reminded Becky of her recently deceased dad and each time the farrier came to shoe, Becky spent time visiting and chatting with him. On one of his visits, the farrier declared that the horse he was working on was in such discomfort that it 'needed a good equine masseuse' which point he looked at Becky and asked: "Have you guys got a good one of those around here?" In that instant, Becky saw the path for how to use her wealth of horse experience and knowledge. An evening of internet research brought her to The Masterson Method and YouTube videos of Jim demonstrating his work. Drawn to the gentle nature of Jim's Method; the logic of his interactive approach to alleviating soreness, strain and tension; and that Jim's Method is something you do with the horse, rather than to the horse, Becky signed up for the next Certification Course...two weeks later and completed and equine anatomy course and the Masterson Method certification requirements over the course of the next 8 months. And the rest, as they say, is history. Website:

Coralie Hughes - Coatesville, Indiana

Seminar & Advanced Instructor and Coach

(Resides in Coatesville, IN from April - December, and Wickenburg, AZ from Jan - Mar) Upon retiring from a challenging corporate career, Coralie sought to devote herself full-time to her lifelong love of horses. As is so often the case, she found her way to the Masterson Method in search of a way of helping her own horses. Certification quickly followed and then she began teaching the Masterson Method. She has taught the Advanced Class for over five years. She is the co-author with Jim of the Dressage Movements Revealed DVD and the Dressage Horse Optimized book.Coralie pursued a personal interest in the biomechanics of various disciplines to be a more astute bodyworker as well as deepening her effectiveness as trainer and rider. She has created a biomechanics course focusing on dressage, jumping and western events, either individually in a one day class or over multiple days covering several disciplines. In the course, the students paint the skeleton and muscles on the horse and watch it move after learning the basics of biomechanics. When the class is taught to bodyworkers, it includes bodywork practice on horses of the specific disciplines studied. The biomechanics class is also taught to students who are not bodyworkers. The biomechanics of the rider and how that affects the body of the horse are also included in the class.Coralie is a sought after speaker on numerous topics including: podcasts for the United States Dressage Federation on how bodywork can help a horse be at his best, a featured speaker at the 2016 United States Dressage Federation on horse and rider biomechanics and how the Masterson Method can help the performance horse be at his best, the work of Dr Kerry Ridgeway on ulcer points and the Masterson Method at the Pacific Hoofcare Conference.Coralie pursues the training of her dressage horses at her Indiana farm and hopes to finish the Silver performance medal soon. She cross-trains her horses in the skills of trail and obstacle negotiation to make them quieter and "useful". She has also developed a unique method of rehabbing horses that have had their backs ruined through incorrect riding. Coralie has translated six books on dressage and training from the original German by authors such as Gerhard Heuschmann, Anja Beran, Uta Graf, Ulrike Thiel and others. Coralie and her husband Robert winter in Wickenburg, Arizona, naturally with the horses! Equestrian Resume Coralie J HughesCoatesville, IN In brief... Lifelong equestrian across many disciplines (jumping, reining, competitive trail etc), devoted to dressage riding, teaching, training, equestrian book translation from the German, Masterson Method bodywork and running my own boarding facility after a long corporate career of significant responsibility. I lesson on several different horses every week from top area riders to continue to improve my riding and training knowledge. Equestrian Accomplishments USDF Bronze Medal recipient USDF L graduate with distinction, active schooling show judge Frequent winner of Indiana state awards (Indiana Dressage Society) Instructing experience In the 90's, taught jumping and English equitation to my daughters and their friends through ten years of County 4-H. Five years instructing boarders in dressage (without charge) after work Since 2010, post retirement from the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly & Co, I have been teaching and training full time My program has been growing rapidly by word of mouth. There is a significant demand for dressage instruction in the area I live in and there are few opportunities. Instruct 15-20 students a week in dressage at Intro through Second level Twenty years experience teaching in the United States and internationally: foreign languages (German and Spanish) in corporations, university and in high school; competitive intelligence and market research in the US and internationally; reading and study skills at the middle school level. Training experience Putting in around 15 rides a week on customer horses Currently retraining several eventing horses whose teen-aged owners have been receiving low dressage scores Currently training my own Arab/Trakehner mare and Thoroughbred for dressage competition. Arab/Trakehner mare showing Second level, schooling upper level movements, Reserve Second Level Champion at recent sanctioned show. Thoroughbred currently showing First (just qualified for Regionals), schooling lateral work Multiple previous successful training experiences on my own horses across multiple disciplines Performance Horse Bodywork Certified practitioner and Instructor of the Masterson Method, a multi-modality approach to relieve restriction and muscle tension in performance horses. Equestrian book translation Translated Gerhardt Heuschmann's new book for Trafalgar press. Currently working on a book by Ulrike Thiel

Lisa Haldane - Tucson, Arizona

Advanced Instructor and Equine Musculo-Skeletal Performance Anatomy Instructor

(Tucson, AZ) A civil engineer working in the field of water resource management, Lisa was born in Bellflower, California, and has been around horses all her life. From tagging along as a kid wherever riding opportunities would arise to the past 10 years where she has developed a love of the ranch style events of cutting and working cowhorses. The lessons learned from being an owner of horses in these very challenging sports were what led Lisa to pursue training in equine bodywork, originally with the goal of helping her own horses and to better understand what might be warning signs that there could be soundness issues arising. The training in the Masterson Method has opened wide the door to an understanding of the level of feel possible between horse and human, both on the ground and in the saddle. Forever the student, Lisa plans to pursue ongoing education in the field of equine physiology and sports conditioning as well as find opportunities to teach others the same.

Lise Lunde - Brainerd, Minnesota

Weekend Instructor, MM Equine Specialist Instructor, Mentor and Coach

(Brainerd, MN) Since childhood Lise has had an interest in horses, taking advantage of any chance to take lessons or spend time with horse related activities. It wasn't until adulthood that the opportunity for owning horses became possible. Over the past 20 years she has participated in a variety of equine activities including distance riding competitions, dressage and trail riding. She has also been involved with Mounted Eagles, a therapeutic riding program for the last 5 years. Horses have been a constant in her adult life as personal and career changes as a nurse practitioner presented. Horses have provided her with the opportunity to meet new people and learn new skills. Her own horses have been an important part of creating a sense of balance in life over the years. An injury to her endurance horse several years ago, led to an interest in equine massage and certification in equine sports massage therapy. She has also been interested in complementary therapies for horses including acupressure and Reikki. More recently, challenges with performance and behavior with her own horses led her to find the Masterson Method. After attending the weekend seminar, she was sure that she had found a unique and effective way of working with horses. The journey to becoming a certified practitioner in the Masterson Method has reinforced this. The interaction and response of the horse using the Masterson Method has been rewarding as she has seen improvement in physical and behavior issues and more importantly improvement in her interactions and relationship with horses. Practicing the Masterson Method has increased her awareness of how "less is more" in many aspects of life with both horses and people. Lise is available in the Minnesota area.

Loni Langdon - Squaw Valley, California

Weekend Instructor, Mentor and Coach

(Squaw Valley, CA) Loni's first experience with the Masterson Method was in 2013 when her show mule, Feather was injured. Loni sought help from a friend who was a Masterson Method Certified Practitioner. One session changed how Loni viewed her relationship with equines forever. Feather's body not only relaxed and released tension, but her personality shifted. Loni says "when Feather started to emulate some of the Masterson Method techniques on her own, I had to learn more!" Thus, Loni began the path to certification shortly thereafter. "My belief in the method was further confirmed when I began practicing the techniques on mules at the pack station. The mules actually started lining up for their turn, which to me is a real equine testimonial to the Masterson Method. She says "mules are very smart, inquisitive, kind and patient, yet quirky, and sometimes tricky which makes you dig a little deeper to understand their nature. Currently she enjoys being a Masterson Method Certified Practitioner and Coach with a special interest in mules. She positively loves helping equine and human realize the power of and communication possible with intentional touch. Loni's bodywork practice includes a variety of equines competing in high-level disciplines as well as working pack stock. She has recently expanded her practice to coaching owners and Masterson Method students (with Jim's encouragement), to help others experience how powerful the techniques are. She says "I find great joy when people experience the sensation of a horse relaxing under their fingertips". Loni believes it is very empowering when an owner can use their hands, energy and awareness to address discomfort or behavioral issues with their own horse, mule or donkey. Loni feels very grateful to have found the global community involved with Masterson Equine Services. It is an honor for her to be a contributing member of a dynamic team of equine professionals. She has lived in the Eastern Sierra where she apprenticed with a natural horsemanship trainer who specialized in helping clients understand equine behavior and worked in Yosemite National Park as a packer and back-country guide. It is in Bishop (home of the annual Mule Days Celebration) and Yosemite that she fell in love with mules. She now lives in the foothill community of Squaw Valley, California with her partner Zack. She enjoys showing her mule Fanny Mae in a variety of disciplines, raising Corriente cattle, gardening and working on her 38-acre ranch. The adventurous spirit and traveler in Loni enjoys taking her practice, All Equines Bodywork, to barns and ranches throughout Central California.

Diane Howard - Troiry, France

Advanced Instructor and Coach

(Troiry, France) Having worked to rehabilitate several "dangerous" horses, Diane is a firm believer that most equine behavioral problems stem from physical issues. She was delighted to discover the Masterson Method, with its emphasis on listening to what the horse has to say because horses really will let us know what they need. In the course of working with Jim Masterson and in her own practice, Diane has had experience with horses in most disciples, including dressage, show jumping, polo, reining, and trail riding. She is happy to design wellness programs to meet the individual needs of horse and rider. Her particular interests are horses with behavior problems and older horses. A life-long student, Diane has taken courses in equine anatomy and nutrition, as well as veterinarian-taught classes in arthritis and lameness, neuromuscular diseases, and care of the older horse. She is certified in Equissage equine massage and is currently training to become a TTouch Practitioner. Diane is the first person to certify as a Masterson Method Practitioner in Continental Europe. She works mainly in the greater Geneva area, but is willing to travel to other locations. Diane's CV: TEACHING AND COURSE DESIGN EXPERIENCE Instructor, Masterson Method of Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork (2012 to present; teach 2-day seminars, mentor and coach fieldwork students, designed fieldwork scoring system) Foreign Language Consultant, National Foreign Language Center Japanese Project (May 2011 to July 2011, developed training material at ILR Reading Level 3) Instructor (Introduction to Translation) and Tutor (Chinese-to-English Translation), University of Chicago Graham School Translation Certificate Program (2003 to present) Foreign Language Consultant, National Foreign Language Center Mandarin Chinese Project (November 2009 to February 2010, developed training material at ILR Reading Level 4) Instructor, Basic Translation: Written & Sight (Japanese to English), University of Denver University College, Certificate of Advanced Study, Translation Studies (Spring 2008) Instructor, Legal Translation (Japanese to English), University of Denver University College, Certificate of Advanced Study, Translation Studies (Fall 2008) Curriculum Coordinator, University of Chicago Graham School Translation Certificate Program (2003 to 2004) English Instructor, Tsukuba, Japan (1987 to 1991) English Instructor, Tsukuba University (1988 to 1990) EDUCATION PhD Candidate, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Spain (current); Dissertation Topic: Failure Analysis in Professional Translation: Short-passage Tests M.A. in Translation and Intercultural Studies with Highest Honors, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Spain (2008) Naval War College, Certificate in Strategy and Policy, 2004 (award for academic achievement, nominated for outstanding student) Certificate in Clinical Trials Management, Graham School, University of Chicago (2001) Advanced Certificate in the Medical Writing and Editing, Graham School, University of Chicago (1999) Japanese Technical Studies for Professionals, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Certificate (1994) M.A. in Religious Studies, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (1982) B.A. with Highest Honors, Immaculate Heart College, Los Angeles, CA (1979) CERTIFICATIONS IN EQUINE BODYWORK Equissage Europe, April 2010 Masterson Method Certified Practitioner, April 2011 TTeam Practitioner, course work completed August 2012, anticipated case study completion, February 2014 CONTINUING EDUCATION University Level Horse Management, Rutgers University School of Continuing Professional Education (September-December 2011) Equine Nutrition, The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, University of Edinburgh (Coursera, Winter 2013) Equine Physiology, University of Guelph Online Equine Studies, Summer 2013 Functional Equine Anatomy, University of Guelph Online Equine Studies, Fall 2013 Through Equinology Online Anatomy Course, completed 2011 Equine Gait Abnormalities & Lameness, September 2012 Equine Biomechanics, October 2012 Equine Spine & Pelvis Dissection, October 2012 Other Courses Biomechanics Lecture Series with Jillian Kreinbring, April 2012 Gerd Heuschmann Clinic (auditor), May 2012 Gerd Hesuchman Clinic (auditor and demonstrator), August 2012 Barefoot trimming 2-day course, September 2012 Jane Savoie Art of Teaching (auditor), October 2012 In-Hand Courses In-Hand Therapy Course with Jean Luc Cornille (1 year, starting January 2013) On going weekly courses with Christine Agasssi, Espace de recherche, Les Chevaux d'Akita RIDING CERTIFICATION Federation Franaise d'Equitation Galop 6 de Dressage

Lucie Klaassen - Gelderland, NL

Weekend Seminar Instructor and Coach

Like most people, Lucie found The Masterson Method because one of her horses was not sound. When 2 veterinarians told her 'nothing could be done anymore' she decided to learn everything she could to keep her horse as fit and healthy as possible. Lucie Klaassen is a certified instructor in Straightness Training, Centered Riding and Freestyle and a Squire in the Academic Art of Riding. She includes The Masterson Method into her work as she believes in the combination of training and bodywork, it brings the same relaxation and power to the horse in another form. If the spine can not move freely during the training, the energy can not flow and the movement will be restricted. By finding the body parts and junctions where the horse holds accumulated stress we can help to release tension and the horse will find more freedom of movement in the training. It is her passion to guide both horse and rider towards more balance, true connection, mutual trust and playful togetherness. Her specialty is horse behavior, communication, body awareness and physical and mental balance of both rider and horse. Teaching what you know, is the best way to learn and grow! Lucie is based in the Netherlands but she is traveling internationally giving Balanced Rider & Horse clinics and Body Awareness for Riders.Watch this 2 minute video of her journey with her horse: Youtube: Don't give up on your horse

Lori Hoppe - Lake Country and Calgary

Weekend Seminar Instructor and Coach

(Calgary, Alberta and Kelowna) Lori's natural attraction to equine bodywork started very soon after she began riding at her local hunter/jumper barns in 2003. As a human bodyworker/massage therapist her curiosity guided her to learning everything she could about horses with a strong focus on the horse's body language. During certification as an Equine Massage Therapist, Lori was given The Beyond Horse Massage Book by a friend and continued her studies becoming a Masterson Method Certified Practitioner, Coach and Instructor. Her daily practice has developed into Horse and Rider Bodywork with the 'less is more' techniques easing into her human bodywork practice. "As an equine bodyworker I have a unique opportunity to cultivate relationships through the subtlest connection and communication in the extraordinary moment of touch." Lori's recent move to Kelowna, BC has given her the opportunity to continue sharing her passion for The Masterson Method in another community along with traveling to Calgary every other month to work with her equine clients, riders and coaching upcoming Masterson Method students. Lori has worked with a wide range of horses: dressage, trail, endurance, eventers, hunter/jumper, as well as lesson horses and aging equines

Mark Fletcher - Lac la Hache, BC, Canada

Weekend Seminar Instructor and Coach

(British Columbia, Canada and Alaska) Mark presently resides in BC, Alaska. Retired after 42 wildfire seasons as a firefighter, smoke jumper, trainer and manager he is now committed full time to working with horses. He'll entertain you with horse stories from the mountains to fox hunting in New York, to television appearances. Mark's interest in equine body work began in 2000 when he studied to become a horseshoer. His teacher and others were experimenting with techniques which piqued his interest enough to seek training and certification in equine sports massage. At the time, Mark owned a trail riding business and needed to find a way to help his hard working equine partners stay sound. As time evolved Mark studied and practiced equine myo-fascia release and physical therapy techniques learned from successful therapists and practitioners in America and Canada. When Mark found The Masterson Method in 2015 he found the methodology, principles and techniques completely revolutionized his understanding of the equine and transformed his equine body work approach going forward. With a "mindful" horsemanship background Mark finds Masterson Method compliments his goal of helping horses be healthy horses. He finds the Masterson Method results amazing and strives to continue his education and understanding in bio-mechanics and anatomy to perfect his practice. Mark finds The Masterson Method family and environment a positive and progressive way to learn while collaborating and networking with other practitioners and students. He says "peer review and assistance is a great way to stay current and augment my ability to help the clients I serve." Mark reflects, "any equine performing any discipline at any level from grand prix dressage to mountain packers, therapy and rodeo horses, hunter/jumpers to pleasure can all benefit from this results based, interactive method of alleviating soreness, strain and tension and enhancing performance." Mark is keen to meet and serve present and new clients, both western and english, all across Canada and Alaska and is willing to travel to do so. He's available to teach Weekend Seminars in Canada from coast to coast

Mary Last - Wellington Florida

Weekend Seminar Instructor, Coach and Mentor

(Wellington, FL) Mary grew up in the Ohio countryside loving horses. A trait passed down from her "Tennessee farm boy" father. Yearly summer trips to Tennessee and West Virginia always included fun rides and adventures with the family horses (especially at the Tennessee Walking Horse Farm). She finally got her first Pinto pony, Princess, at age 8 then had a Paint horse. Mary enjoyed pleasure riding and "playing" until she moved to Florida shortly after HS graduation. Life intervened and she moved away from horses until her young daughter became obsessed at the age of 3. That's all it took to refuel her desire as well. After a bout of driving her daughter around to lesson horses, came the purchase of her horse (Appendix), a horse trailer, then a second horse (QH), and hauling her daughter to lessons, shows, trail riding together and with friends. It was Mary's purchase of her three and a half year old "wanna be stallion" Appendix in July, 2000 that led her to natural horsemanship to seek and find the partnership she had remembered from her youth. That process of reading the horse, speaking their language and "less is more" approach sparked a desire to further learn more about helping the horse in a non-invasive way. Mary became a Certified Sports Massage Therapist in 2004, and started attending a multitude of related courses. Life again intervened when Mary entered the corporate world. She was soon spending more time inside than out and one day realized the need to feed her passion when she rediscovered The Masterson Method near the end of 2012 and immediately signed up for the next 2-day course offered in Florida which was February, 2013. Jim's technique was a great fit, the perfect marriage and natural progression to her horsemanship principals. She formed her company, "Hands On" Equine Services, Inc., in January, 2013, took the 2-day seminar in February, signed up for the next Florida 5-day advanced course offered in December and vowed to be certified within the following year. She met that goal and hasn't looked back since. Mary wholeheartedly believes in her motto, "It's all about the horse!", and continues to educate herself to better serve them. Mary currently has clients ranging from backyard, rehab and the multi-disciplined. She also gives back to some very special horses by donating her services to the Healing Horse Therapy Center which provides equine assisted therapy and psychotherapeutic programs to Veterans and special needs individuals.

Nikki Kagan - Elyachin, Isreal

Weekend Seminar Instructor and Coach

(Israel) Nikki Kagan, Founder, HorseSense International and Principal of Kagan Management Resources, an Israeli-based consulting firm, has a long and successful track record when it comes to helping individuals and teams develop their personal and professional interpersonal and leadership skills. And now she has extended her skills to help horses become more comfortable, supple, and more fluid in movement. In addition to becoming a Masterson Method Certified Practitioner, she is also certified in Equine Acupressure and Reike 1 & 2. To complement her varied and extensive equine studies, Nikki is also a licensed, certified trainer and partner of HorseDream International. She has now devoted nearly 10 years to her work in the field of Equine Assisted Development, and brings 25+ years of experience as a corporate facilitator, coach and consultant. She has traveled worldwide assisting senior and mid-level management teams and individuals develop their ability to lead, motivate, resolve conflicts and gain traction around challenging and complex issues.

Richard Maxwell - Haverhill

Certifed Practitioner

(Haverhill, Suffolk) Richard Maxwell (known as Max) has been around horses since he was 8 years old. When he was old enough, he joined the army and became a military riding instructor in the Household Cavalry. Once he left the Household Cavalry, Max became involved with problem horses. It soon became apparent to Max that a horse that had been well behaved and then started to become difficult must have an underlying pain issue. He doesn't believe that horses have the makeup to wake up one day and be difficult. This lead Max to meeting an amazing man in the UK called Andy Andrews who was a genius at treating horses with pain related issues. Andy was different than most "back" people that Max had met. He worked with the horses from the poll to the shoulders, from the lumbar junction to the back, and from the front to the back, not the other way round, and actually, the "back" was rarely touched. Andy spent 5 years training Max before he sadly died. Max carried on his mission to understand horses, why they become difficult, and why training becomes an issue for a horse that would actually have a trainable mind. Whilst he was doing demonstrations at Your Horse Live expo, Max bumped into Leigh Jackson, an old friend and one that knew Andy. Leigh was so excited, she couldn't contain herself telling Max about this amazing man she had met, saying that Jim Masterson was the closest thing to Andy she had ever met and that he brought even more amazing things to the table. He was so intrigued he purchased the book and DVD, and then went to meet Jim. Max was blown away by what he saw. So although he is now a newly accredited practitioner for the Masterson Method, Max has been working with horses using similar techniques for nearly 20 years. Max has some great clients that have been loyal for many years and they too are really reaping the rewards competitively with all the information that Max has learnt from Jim and Vicky Devlin.

Rob Holder - Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa

Weekend Seminar Instructor and Coach

(Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa) Rob grew up on a small holding in the farming community of Stutterheim in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, and grew up riding horses from a very young age. His best was coming home from school to saddle up the horses and ride up into the forests of the Amatola Mountain. Robs love for animals and horses has stayed with him throughout and he has continued to ride at every available opportunity. Going into an Engineering background when leaving school, Rob then went on to successfully race 250cc circuit motorcycles for a number of years until a severe crash ended his time on the bike. Rob then moved into the 4 wheel motorsport arena heading up both Ford Motorsport SA and BMW Motorsport SA before moving on to BMW Motorcycle division in early 2002 where he again took up racing. Rob's life took a dramatic change in 2009 when he met his now wife, Chantal who is a qualified human physiotherapist (she used to put him back together when he crashed racing) who had made the crossover to animal and equine physio. Chantal did her two day and five day training under Jim at Red Barn, Stanford, USA in early 2010 and on returning to SA showed the method to Rob. He then spent a long apprenticeship under Chantal learning the skills of Equine Massage and Bodywork incorporating Masterson Method and went on to do T Touch under Canadian trainer Edie-Jane Eaton thereafter adding further modalities such as Equine Kinesiology Taping, Equine Equissage, Photizo, Ultrasound, Faradic and later Thermal Imaging to his toolbox. Rob then worked alongside Chantal on weekends assisting with the treatment and prep of horses for shows within South Africa. In 2013 Rob took the decision to leave the corporate world in his position as GM of BMW Motorcycles SA and guest GM on the BMW Board and form an on-line company along with Chantal, called EarthEco Essentials (Pty) Ltd that specialised in a range of 100% natural products for humans, animals and horses. They have now developed their own supplement range for pets and sport horses. This also allowed Rob to follow his dream of treating horses full time and in doing so, opened a sub division of EarthEco called EarthEco Equine Services. Rob also took this as an opportunity to work towards his Masterson Method Certified Practioners qualification and achieved this in the UK in May 2016 adding to the On-Line two day Masterson Method course, Equine Anatomy for sport horse (USA), Two day Masterson weekend seminar and five day Masterson Advanced course held in Sydney, Australia. Currently Rob and his wife Chantal work together on most days treating and preparing top end show jumping horses, traveling to all major show jumping events throughout SA with the horses as well as treating and maintain the majority of the FEI World Cup Qualifier horses and traveling with the teams to the FEI events in SA.

Sandy Vreeburg - Aptos, California

Seminar & Advanced Instructor, Mentor and Coach

(Aptos, CA) After nearly 4 decades in the saddle, Sandy Vreeburg's passion for riding is continually revitalized every time she has the opportunity to work with a new horse. Her goal is and has always been to ride with a great "feel" and a light touch, despite the challenges that come with learning the idiosyncrasies of each individual horse. Sandy started out by riding the "orphan "horse in the barn, as she didn't own her own horse until her late twenties. Rides were always unpredictable and often did not go as planned, but she gathered a great equine education along the way. Sandy began competing in her early thirties and became fascinated with "form to function" conformation. She studied bloodlines, conformation, and dispositions of proven producers and performers. Saving her money and her travel miles, Sandy set up trips with other interested buyers and their trainers and shopped in Texas, Nebraska and Oklahoma where the Quarter Horse prospects were plentiful. She loved selecting her gawky yet promising long yearling and bringing him or her home to begin a thorough training process to ultimately find the event for which the horse was best suited. Sandy successfully competed in various disciplines with each of her horses in the AQHA shows. Once she reached the point where the horse was confident, balanced and ready to go, Sandy would find the right buyer, say a very difficult goodbye, and start the routine all over again. While it never got any easier to move on from a beloved four legged friend - especially after his or her capabilities had been refined - Sandy continued to seek the challenge of developing new horses, as her love for the process is always greater than the end result. After her two children reached their high school and college graduations, Sandy knew that she wanted to find a way to earn money by putting her unique equine skill set to use. She has always given her horse the care necessary to keep it at its best, which sometimes meant hiring specialists in equine chiropractic, acupressure or myofascial massage work. So, naturally, she thought, "why not pursue a career in one of these modalities?" Soon after considering this, Sandy saw an article on the Masterson Method in a well-known horse publication. She read the article and practiced the Bladder Meridian Technique the following day on her horse. After she had gone over her horse's body, Sandy waited patiently while she placed her fingers over the horse's Ting Points at the back of her left front hoof. Suddenly, the horse lowered her head, turned toward Sandy and licked her face as though she was her newborn foal. She was sold! This method has reopened Sandy's eyes to the extreme sensitivity and responsiveness of our equine partners. Sandy's relationship with her own horse and how she approaches others has improved immensely since she began to practice this technique. While she has always thrived on being productive, the Masterson Method has taught Sandy to slow down, be in the moment and truly wait to see what the horse has to say. The responses of the horses that Sandy has worked on, and that of their owners, have been delightfully overwhelming. She is thrilled to be a proud member of the Masterson Method Certified Practitioners. Sandy currently lives in the Santa Cruz area and has four legged clients in Santa Cruz, Watsonville, Portola Valley and Woodside. She can be reached at Website:

Samantha Walker - Deerfield New Hampshire

Seminar & Advanced Instructor, Mentor and Coach

(Deerfield, NH) Samantha's intuitive gifts and four decades of equine knowledge blend perfectly with the Masterson Method's unique form of bodywork. Initially drawn to the modality after observing its healing effects on a friend's mare, Samantha resolved to immerse herself in study and complete the certification process. An accomplished Masterson Method Certified Practitioner, (MMCP) her experience with a wide variety of disciplines (including racing, polo, driving, eventing, endurance, and hippotherapy) provides added insight and context to each session. A dedicated ambassador of the method, she coaches fieldwork students, assists in seminars and workshops, and encourages owners to develop their own skills. Her favorite teaching tool is Slim-Z, a zebra skeleton which travels with her whenever possible. An active volunteer, she supports dog rescue, equine therapy, living history, and multiple neighborhood causes. She and her family (two and four-legged) recently purchased a historic Colonial property and are excited to become its latest stewards. Samantha offers reasonable travel rates for visits to clients and students who live beyond her immediate service area.

Vanessa Helvey - Tucson, Arizona

Seminar & Advanced Instructor, Mentor and Coach

(Tucson, AZ) Vanessa grew up with a mother who loved cutting horses and a father who enjoyed roping, but it was not until later in life that the real love affair with horses began. After graduating from college with a Liberal Arts Degree, Vanessa landed a position with the Denton Convention and Visitor Bureau where she became active with their famed North Texas Horse Country Tours. Living and working in one of the most densely populated areas for horses in the US, she began a journey to learn as much as possible about horses and their care. A particularly bad riding experience led her on a path to explore equine behavior in relation to structural imbalance and discomfort. She began to study conformation, biomechanics and equine fitness, and that is how she found the Masterson Method. The techniques worked beautifully on a variety of horses Vanessa had access to and it became a way to interact with them on the most intimate of levels. She noticed that the "old guys" became easier to catch in the pasture, easier to handle due to a more accepting and willing attitude, and there was a measurable improvement in the horses' range of motion and flexibility. Vanessa has cultivated a kind of sensitivity to our equine companions that could not have been accomplished any other way than through the Masterson Method. Now that she has found the perfect mount in a retired cow horse, she looks forward to becoming a better rider in such diverse disciplines as cutting and classical dressage. Vanessa has found her calling in serving the equine community, whether it be a high-performance reiner or a backyard pony

Vicky Devlin - West Yorkshire, UK

Weekend Seminar Instructor, Mentor, Coach & Overseas Manager

(West Yorkshire, UK) Vicky Devlin has spent her whole life enjoying the company of horses. She rides for pleasure enjoying long distance treks on her horses. She has studied with Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling in Denmark, where she learned the importance of body language around horses. It was on this course Vicky realized how much horses are trying to speak to us through their own body language. She has also studied horse psychology with Kelly Marks and is currently studying the impact we have on the horses physical ability through ridden work. She met Jim Masterson by accident when she offered to help a friend with a weekend seminar. It was a true revelation to her when she saw the way Jim was working with the horses. He was listening to them in the same way as Klaus Hempfling did but instead of using this information for training he was using it to help them relax and release tension in their bodies. Horses hide pain. It is natural to them so our job is to help them release the tension that could turn into discomfort later. What better way to do this than ask them and let them guide us through the process. Not only do they benefit but they enjoy it too!! Vicky is delighted to be the Overseas Manager for The Masterson Method. She is based in West Yorkshire and is happy to travel to any location in the UK.

Walter Saxe - Egestorf, Germany

Weekend Seminar Instructor, Mentor and Coach

(Egestorf, Germany) Walter found his love for horses when he was just 5 years old. Although his parents were no horse people, he has been dreaming during his whole childhood to have a horse for himself. At 18 years of age he bought his first gelding and since then he has never stopped to let those loveable beings be part of his life. The awareness to be responsible for their well-being has been growing from year to year. The harmony between rider and horse became one of his primary goals. The principals of classical riding and the positive influence and devotion of sensitive coaches taught him the right balance between ambition and partnership with his horses. As an eventing rider and coach he appreciates the tight relationship and high commitment to his horses. By chance he read about the Masterson Method and was immediately thrilled. He bought the book and DVD and started his awesome journey into horses' body and soul. The weekend seminar, the advanced course, fieldwork-studies and certification lasted 19 month. The gratefulness and deep connection that where built up to all treated horses keeps on fascinating him. His key experience was the "mysterious lameness" of Alonso, a 7 years old eventing gelding. All thinkable therapies and examinations could not help him. Walter was his last chance. The icing in the cake to believe in the effectiveness of Jim's method was Alonso's rescue, as he walked clearly after 3 sessions. A lot of beautiful sporthorses have been enjoying in the meantime The Masterson Method and have increased visibly their performance. Walter's biggest aim is that many horsepeople in Germany experience The Masterson Method for their horses and start to learn it for themselves

Yvonne Ohlensehlen - Hereford, Arizona

Weekend Seminar Instructor and Coach

(Hereford, AZ) Born into a lifelong passion for horses, working, riding and owning horses of her own for 30+ years, she was looking for something she could do for our equine companions after retiring from 27 years in law enforcement as an Iowa State Trooper. Realizing regardless of the performance and job required of a horse, they too have discomforts and soreness as any athlete would have, there had to be more than just covering up a horse's problem with pain medication and that Chiropractic adjustments weren't always the answer, her quest began researching the many different modalities available that would suit her and the needs of our equine partners, she finally chose The Masterson Method The unique integrations of this bodywork, the gentle approach and working with the horse and not on the horse, creates an intuitive interaction between the horse and practitioner that increases trust, bonding and understanding