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Masterson Method® Beyond Horse Massage Weekend

Facility Should Have:

  • 12 – 14 reasonably mannered horses.  Some used Saturday, the rest on Sunday.
  • Ability to provide a guest room for our instructor, as well as pick them up/deliver them to nearest airport.


  • Complimentary attendance in the seminar.
  • Horses used will experience the benefits of a weekend of Masterson Method® techniques.
  • Your event will be posted on our calendar page with a link to your website.
  • Quality time with other like-minded horse lovers.

The information you provide below will be considered in the host application process. You will be notified if your stable is approved.

Please list 2 weekend dates you would be interested in hosting, allowing for 3 calendar months from now.

If so, include the date and location of the seminar you hosted:

Please Upload Images of you barn, the demo area or any areas you think applicable: