Dear Jim, I was watching your videos on YouTube looking for some inspiration on how to proceed with a horse I bought recently. He’s an ex-trotter (pacer), newly gelded and about the most head shy horse I have ever come across. He was bought as a project and he does have a lot of good points which made me buy him, being very well put together and also very intelligent and very cheap!Watching your video on how to deal with a head shy horse I laughed out loud because you couldn’t get that near Tom the trotter’s head. Anyway there’s another unhandled horse on the yard which I used your methods on and they worked really well this morning,everything worked out just the way the video showed, so I had a go with Tom and I was really shocked. Before too long he was licking and yawning and lowering his head. In the end I could massage his atlas and axis vertebrae with his head just off the floor, his chosen position not mine! This horse would rather fling himself round the box hitting his head off the walls than let his ears be touched and was checked for teeth and back problems by two professionals. So thanks Jim, this may just be the break through Tom and me needed.  Let me know if you are ever coming over to the UK,
Best Regards


Jim’s method worked where nothing else has been successful and this morning Tom was waiting for another session and by the end he was eating his hay whilst I did his poll. Finally light at the end of the tunnel!

My background as a registered British Horse Society Intermediate Instructor (since 1982) means I’ve seen an awful lot of different people doing a vast amount of different things to horses, from swinging crystals over horses to using rubber mallets on them and it makes me pretty skeptical. What Jim does is refreshingly quiet, non-theatrical and effective.