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Kelsey Mammen, MMCP

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Casper, Wyoming, United States

Kelsey grew up in Nevada and remembers long dusty trail rides through the desert with her grandfather as some of her earliest memories. At ten years old she watched a show jumping competition and decided that looked fun. From then on Kelsey pursued personal riding goals in the world of Eventing. Kelsey is a licensed professional counselor in Wyoming and has worked in the therapeutic/adaptive riding industry since she was 14 years old when she started volunteering for a local program. Kelsey found passion in helping others through her own connection with horses and continued this after going to college by working with youth in foster care doing equine-assisted work.  Kelsey decided to go back to school to get her Master’s degree in equine-assisted mental health counseling in 2017 and this is when she was first introduced to the Masterson Method® by a friend in her program who showed her the bladder meridian.

After she finished her Master’s degree, Kelsey decided to pursue the route to certification in the Masterson Method®. During her Masterson journey, Kelsey lost her heart horse and eventing partner, Ransom, to a sudden colic. His legacy inspires her to continue to learn and grow.

Kelsey is passionate about helping horses and humans connect and heal, and the Masterson Method® is a powerful way to achieve this. While Kelsey has a special place in her heart for working with therapy horses, she also loves working with athletes and their horses from all disciplines to improve movement and performance. Kelsey is also a Reiki master and offers energy/chakra work in sessions when appropriate.

Kelsey currently resides in Casper, Wyoming where she works as a mental health therapist and equine bodyworker.

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Phone: 775-445-9127