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Ginger Barthel, MMES

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I was introduced to The Masterson Method® when I joined Wild Hearts Equine Therapeutic Center as a volunteer. I had been trained in another modality and it was suggested that I might find The Masterson Method® to be helpful with the horse population that we had at the center.  I read the book and viewed the video, Beyond Horse Massage and I began to apply the principles with the horses.  I was totally hooked. The responses elicited by this gentle soft centered approach of “less is more” really resonated with me and was compatible with the natural horsemanship that I was learning here at Wild Hearts.  I continued to study online with Horse Massage, Light to the Core and attended the weekend seminar in Aiken.  I regularly review the videos that are available online.  When I saw there was a program specifically focused on the therapeutic setting and those horses, I knew that was the area that I wanted to pursue.

Each week I look forward to offering the gift of massage to the horses who participate in our program and find it immensely rewarding to observe their releases.

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