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Hands-on Masterson Method Equine Specialist (MMES) training

What is MMES?
The Masterson Method Equine Specialist (MMES) training is a new application of the Masterson Method (MM)® in equine-assisted learning or therapy settings. Participants learn how to partner with equine-assisted learning or therapy facilities to share the MM® with clients who then “give back” to therapy horses in a safe and structured environment.

Benefits to Horses & Clients in Equine-Assisted Learning or Therapy Sessions
The basic principle of the MM® – following the horse’s response to very light touch and engaging their active participation – is well suited to the field of equine-facilitated activities. The client learns how their breathing and tension in their body impacts a horse’s body. They learn how to read the horse’s responses and adjust their level of touch to yield the best result in the horse. As a result, clients improve their connection with the horse, create a trusting bond, develop greater self-awareness, and even deepen their quiet and mindful presence.

We have observed clients — including but not limited to veterans, people with eating disorders, at-risk youth, and people recovering from addiction — who practiced the MM® in a safe and structured setting become more relaxed, focused, and connected in their interaction with their horse.

Effective use of the MM® can open a door into the horse’s nature, thereby increasing the client’s knowledge, understanding, competence and confidence. As a bonus, therapy horses are given an opportunity to relate with people in a new way and release tension in their bodies.

Training & Certification in MMES
The MMES training is a comprehensive, four-part training program that provides the information and skills needed to safely and competently incorporate the MM® into equine-assisted therapy, coaching, or learning sessions.

Prerequisite is to have completed a Weekend Seminar-Workshop.


  1. You must have successfully attended our foundation course, Beyond Horse Massage Weekend Seminar-Workshopprior to attending this training. If you need to satisfy this requirement, look on the Calendar webpage for a Weekend Seminar-Workshop for a course near you.
  2. You must have at least 2 years of experience handling horses (the registration form provides an area to explain your horse experience).
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