Good Morning USA friends at Masterson office,

I hope this weekend finds you all well.

I just had to say that I am so totally inspired by Jim Masterson’s DVD. I cannot wait to start my training to become a MM practitioner .

I am an equine therapist working in Newmarket (racing centre) UK. I love all animals and do a lot of work for welfare when I get time. I loathe cruelty in any shape.

What first drew me to the videos was Jim’s (excuse this personal informality before we meet) incredible connection with the horses and his calm, kind, compassionate interaction with these wonderful creatures, as if they were personal friends.. I have spoken to horses this way for years and loathe the depersonalisation most of the racing industry apply to horses!

Kindness and the fact that we can never ever separate the emotional and physical well being of a horse, is something I battle with, year in year out in Newmarket Racing world in the UK. I have without knowing it, been employing similar techniques to those I have seen you use, without the education obviously and just through a process of my ‘own gut feeling touch’ and trying to connect with the horses soul or feelings…hardened racing trainers…think I am nuts, crazy or weird. But then their horses win races, they ask me back time after time. Quoting ‘whatever you did seemed to work!’

Most horses in racing are so sad and ‘broken’ emotionally… their bodies hold so much trauma and pain and trainers carry on ‘galloping and running them in races’ through all this. It’s very heartbreaking to see. I can be in a yard(barn) and see 70 desperate faces looking at me for attention or help.. one kind man in the Yard said to me on a quiet afternoon… ‘look at these poor lost souls ‘ and their lives will get worse.

Educating trainers of horses from all disciplines, is the toughest challenge that faces anyone. Horrible bits, draw reins, bungy reins, cross nosebands so ultra tight that blood appears when they remove them…Whips gadgets to stop them, moving right, left, head up, head down. Pulling shoving.. shouting.. these end up crippled slaves and no way athletes ! They don’t even notice split mouths, rotten teeth, tightness, swelling, pain… etc etc..

What chance have horses got?

To find your therapy is SO SO refreshing! I have shown your YouTube videos to any racehorse trainers that will take 5 minutes to look. Hoping they start to understand !

Just to say a big thank you and I look forward to meeting to all and studying over the next few months.

I look forward to being able to help horses in a better way than I can right now.

Thank you,
With kind regards,
Elizabeth Minter