4) Connecting Touch to Response: The Bladder Meridian Technique

The purposes of the Bladder Meridian Technique are to:

  1. Uncover areas of tension in the horse that he might be hiding
  2. Help the horse to begin releasing that tension
  3. Connect you with the language of the horse, ie. he gets to know that you’re seeing his body language and mean no harm, and you get to know how this particular horse responds to your touch.


The Bladder Meridian is a line which follows along the top line of each side of the horse. We follow this line SOFTLY and SLOWLY, searching for Subtle Responses from the horse.


This process is called Search-Response-Stay-Release. Slowly follow this line SEARCHING


for a RESPONSE such as a blink or a twitch.


When you get one, STAY on that point, and stay… and stay… and stay… until you get a RELEASE, such as licking and chewing, snorting or sneezing,


or yawning. 

The hardest part is having the patience to STAY, without doing anything; rubbing, pushing, petting… ANYTHING.

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