If you are an MMCP you may encounter Kyla if you decide to do a demo, or perhaps if you read the newsletter you might enjoy a section written by her, or if you are on Facebook she may be the one helping you find answers to your thought provoking questions. Like so many others involved with The Masterson Method, Kyla had a love and interest for horses as a child that she still finds mystifying today. Accompanied by her best friend, they planned to have a horse ranch,  drew horses, collected horse figurines, pretended to be horses… you know the rest. Besides the much prized handful of rides and occasional pets over the fence, Kyla never spent much time with horses until she took the plunge in 2017 and bought a little black mare named Bella. With plenty of good guidance all around them and possibly also from above, Kyla and Bella are forming a strong bond and finding their way quite nicely. Kyla is not yet an MMCP but hopes to become one someday. Kyla likes to spend her time away from the office learning more about The Masterson Method and educating herself in other ways to deepen her relationship with Bella and her dog, Easton.