I too saw Jim at the Mane Event in Chilliwack. I had never heard of The Masterson Method before. I was hooked by the first session and sat enthralled at all the sessions, but have to admit I was a bit skeptical that the method could be so simple and yet produce such amazing reactions. However, I bought the book and the video. I could not wait to go home and try some of the techniques. I am still in amazement at the responses I got from my 3 horses. They are not “big talkers,” as you put it Jim. I do the Bladder Meridian and I see them relax…nose twitches at bit…and sometimes move their feet, but not much else UNTIL I put them back in the paddock. OMG!!! The yawning! Over and over. Plus, if I have only done the bladder meridian on one side, they lay down on that side only and roll…then get up and yawn some more. At first I could not believe I could get such a response with my first few tries. Surely horses yawn all the time, right? Nope. I could watch them from the house…not much yawning. I could trim their hooves and let them back out…no yawning. I could brush them…no yawning. But a simple check on the Bladder Meridian had them yawning so much that I started yawning. It was too cold to do much with the horses over the cold winter we had, but I’m looking forward to getting back at it now that the shedding is in full swing. Jim, THANK YOU! Not only do I have a stronger connection with my horses now, but I really feel I will be able help them feel better, even though they are healthy with no issues that initially made me explore your method in the first place.