Dear Mark – I’ve thought about writing you several times for a couple of reasons:

1. Your instruction at the Cle Elum, Masterson Method Weekend Seminar was fabulous! (That’s why I was so emotional – sorry about that!)
2. I really wanted to say a personal “thank you.” (And I like your website – I’ll check it out more in the future)
3. The work I’ve done with Mocha and Grady (my riding instructor’s horse) has been phenomenal since the weekend!

Your coaching really helped me slow down, take time, and WAIT! That’s the hardest thing for this human to do. The Monday after the weekend, I did a super slow Bladder Meridian, and I was getting yawns, head shakes, licking and chewing within the first six inches of topline work! Amazing.
Since then, I’ve done some specialized work with Mocha, working on some hind end releases (which is hard for him – don’t know if it’s the right front injury or something I didn’t pick up on earlier), lateral flexion and shoulder releases – working wonders. Sometimes he looks at me as if to say: “who are you and what did you do with the other Natalie?” But he is happy to see me when I show up at the barn so at least that’s something.

Anyway…thank you, thank you! I hope to meet you again someday at a Masterson get-together.

Take care – Natalie